Monday, August 11, 2014

Altun Ha. You better Belize it

The main reason for choosing this particular cruise was so that we could go see the Mayan ruins in Belize.  We arrived a little before our excursion was to start so we did a walk around the down town area.  Ug-ly.  We were all pretty shocked that the area wasn't cleaned up at all since their economy is basically all tourism.  Anyway....We got on an old Greyhound bus shipped from Denver and headed to Altun Ha.  The bus ride was insane!!  It was a one way road that was barely if that, wide as the bus.  We were bouncing around like crazy.  The tour guide was great but got to the point where I wanted to scream out, "Lady, if you want to get a tip, shut up!"  But I didn't.  :)

We had another tour guide take us through the ruins and he was amazing.  It was probably the hilight of our entire trip and we could have spent a lot more time there.  We learned about trees that take over the palms, we saw the hugest tarantula, and once we arrived on top of the largest pyramid, it rained for about thirty seconds.  It was beautiful.

We all caught a glimpse into third world living and poverty.  It was hard to see but made the kids very grateful for what they had.

 We were so grateful that we were able to visit.  You better Belize it!

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