Monday, August 11, 2014

Life on the Carnival Glory--Western Carribean

Our ship was the Carnival Glory and we were on the boat for a week.  We were able to get two adjoining rooms this time rather than across the hall from each other and we had ocean view rooms too so we all thought it was awesome.

The boys ate their little hearts out.  And by that I mean, they ate a lot!  Unlimited pizza around the clock, hamburgers built their way (I'm told they were the best burgers they've ever had.), burritos, ice cream cones, and whatever and as much as they wanted for dinner each evening.  I decided if that is what makes the cruise fun for them, then let them eat whatever they want.  I wish I had kept a tally of how many pizzas and cones they had each eaten.  Reality hit though once they got home and weighed themselves.  They had all gained.  haha

I, on the other hand.  Stuck to my lean proteins and veggies the entire trip.  Didn't cheat at all and it didn't even bother me.  I had told myself that I wouldn't get off track, that I was still in the "losing" mode and that the food wasn't going to "make" the trip for me.  I'm happy to say that I lost weight on our trip.  

On "Meet the Captain Night", we opted not to meet him.  Seriously, who cares about him as long as he keeps us safe and gets us to where we need to go?  Anyway, I love all dressing up for dinner.  Love all the handsome men in my family.

In the dining room every night we sat with the Jones family from New Jersey.  They were great company and we enjoyed spending time with them on the water slides, watching movies at night, going to shows and hanging by the pool together.

We found J's twin on the ship.  He doesn't agree but D and I both thought it was J one time, so right before leaving the ship, we grabbed the kid and asked if we could snap a picture of him with his twin.  J thought it was totally embarrassing of course.  :)

The big boys opted out of swimming on the boat at all and chose to play miniature golf, ping pong, chess, watch the movies at night by the pool, do the Survivor Trivia, The Amazing Race, attend the Rock Concert at night, play in the ping pong tournament and have I mentioned they ate a lot?

I made it clear to D that since we didn't do Hawaii like every other human being does Hawaii, I was going to be on the cruise and do whatever the heck I wanted to.  So, I did.  He was cute about it and let me.  I did laps every morning on the track by myself and loved every minute of it.  I sat out by the pool and enjoyed the heat and humidity for hours a day people watching.  AKA the "Ten Second Stalker".  D gave me that lovely little title.  I began feeling guilty about it knowing people had no idea I was watching them.  But, it really was like ten seconds and I'd be watching the next person.

People watching and the heat are some of my favorite past times.  Seriously.

Goodbye Glory, it's been glorious.

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