Thursday, September 25, 2014

My bench

This morning I did a five mile loop that I used to do all the time several years ago.  I walked up the hill two and a half miles and then I ran all the way back.  While on my way up the hill I saw a bench and couldn't wait until I would see it again on my way down.  I quickly gained momentum with an urgency to return to the bench.  As I was running down the hill it seemed like forever wondering where that bench was.  And then I saw it.  And I sat on it.  And I started to pour out my heart to a loving Father in Heaven.  I was sobbing while expressing so much gratitude for where I am today, the fact that I can walk again after not being able to for a year and a half, for the beautiful air, for the help of losing weight, for being so happy, for being a new me.  I didn't want to leave my bench when I was done.  Somehow it seemed so sacred to me.  I continued on my run grateful for my experience and so grateful for so much.

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