Monday, October 6, 2014

Trip to the cabin

We headed up to D's grandpa's cabin one last time before A leaves in a couple weeks.  Driving up and down the mountain was beautiful with the leaves beginning to turn a golden yellow.  The kids enjoyed playing horse shoes, frisbee golf, swinging on the rope swing and I just sat on the couch reading a book.  Oh well, that's not entirely true.  I did ride the horse tree.  Not the most traditional way of riding it, but I has happy that I could throw my legs up there.  little g saw me and said, "I didn't know you were that athletic!"  Pretty sad but I just giggled knowing that I was back to my old self again.  The cabin was different this time.  It wasn't the cabin.  It's lost it's feel of D's grandparents there.  Sad actually.  Don't know if we'll be back again.  But grateful for the good memories we used to have there.  

We made a quick stop to check on my grandma that recently had her hip come out to see how she was doing.  I snapped a picture of A with her to last the next two years.  

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