Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I know where I want to be on the 7th

For some time now, I've been thinking about what I want to do on the 7th of April to commemorate 20 years since the day I saw my first miracle after being burned.  I dreamed of watching my dvd of the 60 minutes interview about Mormons, reading "My Story", going to the temple, and just reflecting on the day and the woman that I have become since then.  Then just three weeks ago the thought came to me of how neat it would be for me to be in Louisville on that special day.  That I would like to be there more than anywhere else and that I would be fine going by myself.  D got home from work that day and I went up to him and while I was in his arms, I said, "I know where I want to be on the 7th."  He asked, "What is on the 7th?"  My eyes grew, my jaw dropped, and then I told him that it would be the 20th anniversary of the day I was burned.  I told him about my dream of going to Louisville in just about three weeks time and that I would even love just going by myself.  He was surprised and he asked if I'd really go by myself.  I reassured him that I would like it actually.  He said yes, and not long after, I had done my homework online and had purchased a plane ticket leaving on April 6th to Cincinnati and returning back on the 10th.  I was giddy and could hardly believe that I was going to return to my beloved Kentucky, and for that occasion.

Out of nowhere a day or two later, I called up my friend Sheri B and asked her if she would like to squish one more thing into her schedule between teaching cooking classes and catering weddings and so forth. She said, "sure".  Not expecting her to really say yes, I asked her if she wanted to go to Louisville with me in just a couple weeks.  I told her that I would be returning for a reunion kind of thing. Within half an hour of my phone call, she had purchased her own ticket and I was giddy with excitement of sharing this with a friend.  Then I began creating my list of things to see and do as a tourist this time.

Just last week I spoke to my dear friend Jasminka for the first time in 18 years.  She had been a refugee from Bosnia and couldn't speak any English last time I had seen her.  We had become friends through cooking, our young boys playing together, genuinely learning to love one another.  She was still in Louisville.  I would be able to see her again.  She gave me her address and she was looking forward to seeing her "first and best friend" again.

I've made my list of things to see, places to go, yummy food to eat that I couldn't afford 20 years ago, and people to visit.  I leave tomorrow morning.  My heart is so full and I am overcome with gratitude for this opportunity to return there for this special time in my life.  Even more so than the day I mentioned to D, telling him, "I know where I want to be on the 7th".

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