Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School

We've got a sophomore, an eighth grader, 3rd grader and 2nd grader. 6:00 A.M. seminary, 7:00 Early Bird eighth grade, football, scouts, and soccer. It's going to be quite a ride. Hey, this is easy. Wait until lacrosse season, that's when I'll officially live in the car.


Erika said...

I love the blog! The pics look great, sure wish I could've made it to the sealing, but Landon said it was great!!

CJ said...

You are a pro already! Looks like I need to take a few lessons from you. They are all so big.

Anonymous said...

look how big they are!!!!! last time i saw corbin he was acting like a dinosaur. :)

y'all have been married for 17 years!? old. :) j/k