Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer Birthdays

A turned thirteen this year. He's not excited about being labeled a teenager. He loves lacrosse thus the lacrosse cake. He had a few friends over for a party and they swam, played lacrosse and went to Skymania.

g turned three. He was happy with cupcakes and doesn't know about parties. I love that age.

J turned seven. He throws a mean spiral with a football so he wanted a football cake. He and his friends were crazy in the pool. They were a blast to watch.

G turned nine. He's one of our chess players. He's looking forward to the day that he can beat D. He and his friends swam, played football, and played with one of J's toys. It was weird. Awkward age I guess.

B is one! I can't believe a year has gone by. She feeds her dolly, and S and herself. She's been a true joy.

D...well, let's just say, he'll be having his own big bash next year if you know what I mean. What the heck? It's raining outside. Oh ya, back to D...I took him out to Lake Las Vegas and ran into A's lacrosse coach. He ended up getting us our own private table out on the patio and bought us dinner while we listened to the Kenny G concert for free. It was fun. That was a nice cheap birthday.

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CJ said...

So many fun birthdays. Time goes by so quickly, your kids are going to have kids before I know it.