Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's a square!

So, the other day we assembled two gingerbread houses. That evening, our neighbors brought over another gingerbread house that they had made. Can you imagine having to stare at three candy covered houses when you're three years old? The next day I saw little g hovered over the houses. I asked him what he was doing. He said, "nothing", of course. I walked over and he pointed to a fake wrapped present on the neighbors house. He then said, "I think Santa brought us a present." I asked him what he thought it was? With his finger tapping on his forehead, he said, "hmmm. hmmmm. Maybe a toy" Well, it was so cute how he was doing that, that I said, "stay there". I wanted to him to do it on video. When I got back with the camera, I told him to do that thing with the present again. He must have thought I said to open the present. So during this clip, I'm biting my lip at the thought of how dissapointed he's going to be when he realizes that Santa didn't wrap a toy. I now wonder why we even buy toys!!


Lynn said...

Tonia! That was so cute: "It's a square!" You should read the twilight books, even in secret. You will love it and then you will fall in love with Edward the way EVERYONE else has. I was skeptical at first too but then I just got sucked in. And I like it.

Erica and Curtis said...

That is SOO cute. I love how super excited he is over his square-you should buy him dozens of them for stocking stuffers!! He is such a cutie.

Earle Family said...

What a sweetie!

He looks a little like the cat eating the canary while he's opening the gift. Likes he's not quite sure it's really okay!

He's definitely going to have a great Christmas!

lori said...

What the heck is the square? Who is Edward? and may I fall in love with him too?

That was funny to watch. Thanks for sharing...Perhaps you can explain it a little more to me.

Princess Aurora said...

O! i miss that boy with all my heart! he is such a character :) miss all you guys! i watching reba the other night & i was sad you weren't sitting next to me laughing your head off... [instead it was allen who looked at me weird & got up & left...]

The Payne Family said...

That was a cute video. Sorry you had to eat all those delicious looking treats alone. If I were around I would have helped :)