Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

C, A, G and I ran a 5k Thanksgiving morning. It was fun. I won a turkey in the raffle.

C and J played football with a bunch of guys from the ward.

It was our 'loser' year where we aren't with either of our families. So, the kids wanted to go to the Spice Market Buffet down at Planet Hollywood. Before we entered the casino, our family had our prayer outside the elevator in the parking garage. It was crazy. C enjoyed plates of crab, shrimp and sushi. A had plates of bacon and eight cotton candies. G had bacon, shrimp and seven cotton candies. J and little g had bacon, ice cream, cotton candy, tortilla chips and pancakes. I think I'm the only one that had any traditional Thanksgiving food. Going to the buffet with seven kids won't happen for a long time. Although it was easy and on the way out, G thanked us for a really good Thanksgiving dinner, I missed not being with friends or family. I'll cook it all next time.

After we ate, we got home and crashed. I had a good nap while the kids looked through all the ads for Black Friday. It was a good day.


Erica and Curtis said...

Oh Tonia, How do you do it? I felt stress just looking at your pics-which were very cute, by the way!
It may have been nutty, but it is a memory all of you will probably laugh about for years to come. Love it :)
* I am running the Vegas Marathon this weekend. You should come....wink, wink!!

lori said...

You all look so proud of yourselves and that darn turkey that your mom won. I am proud of all of you for running. I dare you all to dress up like a bunch of Turkeys for next years race.

Earle Family said...

What a good looking family you have! We're looking forward to keeping up you!

~Jake and Amy

Erika said...

Congrats on that turkey and what a fun/different Thanksgiving....that will be a great memory...I loved the notes of what everyone ate too, hilarious!