Friday, January 16, 2009

A rough week

I'm not complaining. I'm too smart for that. I'm just physically, emotionally, and mentally spent, exhausted, done. Monday I rushed B to her Dr. because of a cold. She has many ear infections. Yip. She had double ear infections and a sinus infection. I went to CVS and picked up two prescriptions for her. Eight hours later, I took her back to the Dr. because her breathing was wierd. Headed back to CVS for two more prescriptions.

Picked up C from lacrosse at 8 that night. He was being carried out to the car by his buddies. He hurt his knee. How hurt? Didn't know yet.

Didn't sleep at all that night because I was listening to every breath on the moniter and worried about my teenage lacrosse fanatic that might have an injury that could jeapardize his season. Tryouts are this week.

Tuesday I took C to the orthopaedic. His ligaments seemed stable. Yeah! But...could be his muniscuos (don't even care how it's spelled).

Wednesday took C to get an MRI.

Thursday ran little g to the Dr. because his pinky was SLAMMED in the bathroom door. It immediately swelled up and turned red. He was going bolistic (ya don't care again) screaming his head off. There were dents all over it. Then he screamed that it was burning. Great! Probably going to have a black fingernail or a break. Mommy called the Dr. and the Dr. said, (JK, just trying to find an ounce of a sense of humor before I collapse in bed!) bring him in. We were all in pajamas. Sure. We headed out in ten minutes. The Dr. couldn't tell if it was broken or not, so he taped it together with another finger. He said to bring him back that afternoon if his fingernail was black so that he could drill it and release the pressure. Throughout the day, he seemed to get better.

As I was leaving the office, I was joking with the Dr. that he probably thought I had munch housins (completely given up) disease since I was in there so regularly. He laughed and told me that I didn't have it. I KNOW THAT! Oh ya, we were a piece of work. No one had combed hair, little g had syrup on his pajama shirt from the day before, and I was hanging out of all my clothes.

After I got S buckled in her carseat, I noticed B had dried blood in her ear. Well, just having an ear infection and screamin in pain at the second office visit, I ran back into the office. I flagged down the Dr. and had him meet me at the front door since S was still in her carseat. He checked her ear with his ear tools and decided that she had just scratched her ear and it had bled. Let me just say right now. I will NEVER joke about having munch housins disease again. I could barely crawl out of there wondering what the heck they were thinking of me. Soooo embarrassing. Needless to say, I drove home bawling.

C's orthopaedic called today. He either has a hemmorage in the bone or a small fracture. He's off his leg for three to six weeks. That was news I wasn't looking forward to telling C. When I did, we both cried. He's worked SO hard for this years lacrosse season.

The good news, Darren called me on his way home from work and asked me out on a "hot date". It wouldn't take much at this point. I realized I hadn't washed my hair since Sunday. Wow. That is sick. What have I become?

Anyway...tomorrow is a new day. I have tons to be grateful for. Everyone seems to be doing better. I went on a date and I washed my hair. Life is good.


Earle Family said...

Whoa. I don't envy you your week! I'm so sorry about your son. He must be so disappointed! That breaks my heart!

The Payne Family said...

sorry about your crazy week. I hope now that you washed your hair things will go more smoothly :) FYI milk/dairy can cause ear infections.

Anonymous said...

dont be silly, we all need to vent. Why do we think we cannot tell the truth without sounding negative, or like we are complaining. Bring it on, I am willing to listen. Sometimes what we are going through does stink, and it is alright to say so! It is nice to have friends who are real and tell it how it is.

I am glad tomorrow is a new week. You deserve for it to be uneventful and nice.

You are wonderful.

XO Julie

lorilee said...

T.O. you are a wonder woman mom. I don't think there are many who could have tackled what you did last week. Like you said, "Today's a new day." Sometimes we have to look at life that way, and siimply take baby steps. Love you Ton.

Erika said...

Yep, I hear ya, except I have a few less kidlets than you to worry about~ sorry for the nasty week...good luck with this one! And tell C we are sorry for him, that totally stinks!