Friday, January 23, 2009

Are these my WHAT?

Ya, I might be 37, and I may not have been wearing one of my trendiest outfits yesterday. But, really! I took C to his orthopaedic appointment yesterday along with little g, B, and S. The Dr. walked in and right away asked, "Are these your grandbabies?" My jaw fell to the floor. Stunned, I didn't say anything. Since it was awkwardly quiet, he then asked, "Are you doing your good deed for someone?" "No, they're mine", I said quietly.

Well, the first thing that came out of my mouth as soon as we got to the car was, "Are these your grandbabies?" very sarcastically of course. C was cute and told me not to get offended. I quickly started to say, "You'll understand some day." But then I didn't finish my sentence. He never will understand. He'll be a man. They don't worry about the whole fountain of youth like we do.

I just have one thing to say... I need to get my hands on some of Amy's cream! Actually, I need to dunk my face in a big bucket of it. What was it again?


Amy said...

THAT IS TERRIBLE!!! I'm laughing OUT LOUD right now!!! GRANDBABIES??? How old was this doctor? He was either 12 or 108. I can't stop laughing. I am SO sorry. That is just NOT cool!

Maybe he was just... I have NO idea how to finish this sentence. That is just wrong. Like asking a woman if she's pregnant. You just DON'T do it.

But thanks for sharing! Jake says to tell you don't look any different than you did in high school. You're still gorgeous.

Although, after seeing that picture of you on Facebook (you know the one with the hair?) I have to say you look WAY BETTER!

lorilee said...

Your song is so appropriate. "Had a Bad Day." I am so sorry T. That bites. You are so right though...I don't think C will ever understand, but I do. You will always be my older but beautiful sister who will look the same age as myself whether we are 16 or 116. I can't wait for the day that I can really ask you about your grandbabies. You as a mother are doing good deeds everywhere, all the time. You don't need a crazy doctor to tell you that. Lots of Love.

Erika said...

Oh Man! That's a very funny story, but not for you...I bet the Dr. feels even worse though! So sorry, I don't know what he was thinking. You do not look your age (much younger).

Anonymous said...

Seriously... He did not know that there was such a super mom out there in Henderson Nevada. Most people stop with less children than you were carting around. Then how does a mom take all 3 of them to the doctor with her teenage son. I bet it had nothing to do with your age as it had to do with him not believing that a woman could look as good as you, cart around three young children with such good behavior (kids always act better with other people) and then have a teenage son too. I think he meant it as a complilment... you are so amazing. When you write your book about going out in public and having your kids behave, let me know and I will buy a few.

XO julie