Sunday, January 25, 2009

This one's for the girls

I LOVE this song! (THIS ONE'S FOR THE GIRLS by Martina McBride) It makes me think back on all the stages of my life and makes me smile. I'm grateful for those teen years. They were great. I watched my senior year homecoming video yesterday. C thought it looked like the Karate Kid. Good. We loved that show.

I rember those years in Kentucky. Our starving years. Yet, I never felt like we were. I met amazing people, I grew as a person, I learned to love everything about it. Nothing wrong with mac and cheese days. It's made me appreciate everything I have and have become now.

As for 42. It's not too far off. After being asked if my children were my grandbabies this past week, I was not happy! But...hey, all my laugh lines on my face. What a blessing. Why should I worry about them when they're proof that I'm having a wonderful life and I'm constantly being told that I smile and laugh all the time. I think about myself at 37. I'm still the same girl I've always been, just better. After all, 40 is the new 30. I'm going to cling to that for three years then pray 50 does the same thing.

While sitting in church today, I was thinking about the woman I've become. I led the music and smiled the entire time. I even led 6/8. But I messed up on the cut off at the end. I didn't know how to do it. So, I smiled and gave myself away. I would have been in tears, ornery and pouting 20 years ago. I've come a long way! It's just a little thing, but it's changed my life.

Beauty is confidence. It's a sense of humor. It's genuinely caring for others. It's having class. It's dealing with things gracefully. It's being loyal. It's being a hard worker. It's having faith in God. I've learned these things from other beautiful women I've known. The kind of woman I hope to be.

My uncle stayed with me a few days last week. I heard that he told my grandma that the thing that left the biggest impression on him while visiting was...he could tell that I enjoyed my kids and that I really had fun with them. That makes me happy!

As for throwing those pennies into the fountain of youth, I'll toss a few. Yes, I'll still try Amy's cream (Nivea?), I've got some gray sprouts in my part that need a good color soon, I'll still go to the gym and go for a good run outside, but life is good and I'm happy.

So all the stages of your life, look forward to what's coming, smile and laugh and embrace all those laugh lines on your face. They're beautiful.


lorilee said...

Alright Tonia, you have got to become an inspirational speaker. I read your blog and walk away feeling uplifted and ready to go on with my life. I am happy and I am glad that you helped me recognize all the great things in life that happen to me. That is what life is for. You are wonderful. You share your life with others and in make us feel like we can conquer the world right along side with you. I love it! Thanks again.

Cheri said...

Tonia, I hope it's ok that I comment but this made me cry. Thank you for sharing

Gtgoodfellow said...

Help! My mom wants to know how we can order a couple of the Grandkid's books from Christmas... Just email me and let me know if they're still available!! Thanks.

Erica and Curtis said...

Well said! If only these younger generation girls, caught up in every stupid, vain thing of the world could read your wisdom. You are amazing.

Amy said...

What a PERFECT post! Thank you! Everything you said summed up exactly how I feel. I love the way you write!

I think we must have been friends before!