Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My daughter playing with MY baby doll!

As a girl I loved playing with dolls. I don't remember if I played "mommy" or not. But I do know that I loved dressing them, doing their hair (it was always about the hair), naming them and carrying them around with a diaper bag full of baby necessities.There was Raggedy Ann that my grandma made for me when I was about four years old.

When I was five or six I received the doll with really long hair for Christmas. If you wound a knob on her back, her hair would shorten. Then if you pushed her belly button, her hair would be long again. That was definitely a favorite doll just for the shear fact that her hair had so many options.

When I turned eight I got a doll that I named Desiree after a "pretty" friend in my second grade class. She could go "potty" and if you pulled a string from the bow on her head, she would say certain phrases.

In fifth grade I saved my money and bought my purple "Holly" doll. That was the name that I had chosen for her. I loved her. She decorated my neatly made bed for a long time.

That Christmas, I got Lime Chiffon (one of Strawberry Shortcake's friends). I loved the neat scent of her hair. She needed a friend, so I bought Angel Food Cake. Her hair was so yummy smelling and it had a ton of curls. That hair was a lot of fun to curl, uncurl, ringlet, etc.

In eighth grade I got Henka Meg, my Cabbage Patch doll for Christmas. I couldn't stand her name. I wanted to write a letter to Xavier himself and request a cute name. Once I got to where I could pronounce Henka, it grew on me.

I just got the tub of these dolls from my mom in the last couple of years. I've longed for the day that my daughters too would play with dolls and enjoy them like I did. Or how much fun would it be, for them to actually play with my dolls?

Well, B doesn't really like to play with her dolls. It's a foreign concept to me. I've wondered how that could be. My daughter, not like to play with dolls?

S, on the other hand, can hold a baby doll for a little while even at just nine months old. D and I were talking about it the other day. He pointed out that B doesn't need to play with baby dolls. She has a real baby doll to play with named S. (nope, still not giving out names) I've been watching, and sure enough, B plays with S just like a little girl plays with her baby doll. She loves her, gives her her bottle, burps her, gives her loves, gives her toys, plays with her, and now feeds her.

You can see how much fun I have every day. I'm grinning ear to ear just watching this clip. My heart melts to see my daughters so little yet such good and cute friends.

So, after waiting all these years for daughters, and having hopes that they too would like to play with dolls, it's even better than I could have ever imagined it. Henka Meg, Desiree, and Angel Food Cake may have to stay in the tub a while longer. That's okay. Because on a daily basis, I'm watching my daughter loving and playing with one of my baby dolls!


The Payne Family said...

That is so cute. How old is B again? It is funny B. told S. she better open up. I love that they communicate so well with no words :)

Tonia said...

B will be eighteen months in eight days.

Amy said...

I loved the video! They are too cute!

Lorilee said...

That is so cute T.O. B will be such a great mommy. Already feeding baby sister and just 8 months older. That cracks me up.

Princess Aurora said...


Amy said...

You SO inspired me with the Valentine Fairy! We had a Valentine Day yesterday for our family we had so much fun packing up packages for grandma's and cousins! Thank you for the inspiration! Next year we'll be having a party!

Cheri said...

Congratulations for working out!!! Im proud of you.. just to let you know I did this workout yesterday and am pretty sore today. It's pretty hard so just do what you can. Try to do it one more time before next Wednesday. Good luck. by the way I love this post about the baby dolls. I don't think I have one of my dolls from growing up :( this if so fun...