Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, the "Valentine Fairy" is pooped! She's headed off to bed. But before she does, here's just a glimpse at what she's been up to.

My cute in laws brought over cookies, icing, conversation hearts, and red hots for the kids to decorate their Valentine cookies. Hey, my mother-in-law said she got the red hots for me, so I decided to just "dunk" my cookie into the red hots. How fun is this?

Just a "little" note to welcome my honey home for the weekend.

Watching the boys unload their boxes from school. Tons of goodies, pencils, and Valentines. They were so cute sitting there sharing with little g.

Yes! I saw these as soon as they walked in the door. Love, love flowers. And...there was a love note with them! It said that D liked my seven days of Valentines. Yippee.
As the flowers walked in, there was something under D's arm. What is it? I wondered. D then pulls out a pinata. Okay. I thought it was a little weird at first. A pinata for Valentine's Day? But then I noticed it was a pepper. I've called D my "hot tamale" for years. How cute I thought. He found a pinata of "himself". Then he said, "I got you a chili". Quite confused, I pointed out that it was a hot tamale not a chili. Well, I guess it's full of my favorite candies. Can't wait to see what's in there. I've never had an entire pinata to myself. Am I supposed to go scrambling for the candy when I bust my hot tamale open? I may just have to think of it as a chili after all. I don't want to take a bat to my "hot tamale".
Here's the table set and ready for tomorrow morning. Everyone got a note in a heart pillow, a jar of candy, and a rice crispy treat kiss.
Here's little g's stash.
These are three of the snowflakes I hung. I used to cut them out every year. Way too much work. The Valentine Fairy needs her beauty sleep. So, I laminated them and pull them out every year.

It's been a fun week. A busy day. But it's all worth it! Tomorrow is the day that we get to tell those we love, that we love them. And having said that... Here is my all time favorite Love thought. Had to save it until now.

Love is the twinkle in your eye. A special smile, so bright it's like a window straight to the heart. Love brings me to a special place, a magic place where I can't remember how I got here but I never want to leave. And just the thought of you warms up my coolest evenings. Love is generous, and forgiving. For me, it's you, because I'm in Love with you.
Happy Valentine's Day D. I love you. Thank you for the flowers, the love note, and the pinata. Can't wait. :) Can't wait for our date tomorrow night. Cross your fingers no rain. Actually, who cares, because you warm up my coolest evenings. Thank you so much for all that you do for me and our family. I'm very blessed to have you. Love, T


Lorilee said...

Awesome T.O. Your family is going to start the day off right. Happy Valentine's Day!

Amy said...

What a great Valentine's Fairy you are! It looks amazing!

JKPC said...

You are an inspiration! I'm going to start getting ready now for next year's Valentine's Day when I spread love and joy just like your fairy. (At the very least I'll get those boxed Valentine cards on sale).

Cheri said...

this was so great.. I've never done anything super amazing like this. you're such a great wife and mother.

Erika said...

Very cool, love the drive way, how fun! The chili pepper is too cute also! I love Valentine's...and cool about C's castle!

CJ said...

Too cute! Such great ideas for Valentine's. I especially love the driveway. I wish you could of captured D's face when he saw it. Hidden camera next year. Thanks for the cute present we especially love the purse. Dad C is smitten already.

Cheri said...

tonia try and get me your pics before the show otherwise it won't be fair if you get to see who makes the first cut. I really want you to play so try try try.. also talk Your sister into playing.. :)