Saturday, March 7, 2009

A boy, his sports, and a car

What a week! C has been in lacrosse heaven all week. He's been dying to play since he hurt his knee eight weeks ago. He returned to the field on Monday. They had a huge tournament in town this weekend. He was able to get out there and play and got some assists and goals. That's what he does. He plays attack, and after playing football this past fall, the other teams better watch out. This boy's grown up!

I went on a road trip yesterday. I rode the shuttle to meet my parents, so that I could hand over C's hard earned and SAVED cash for a car. As I drove off, it was hard to believe that my son would be driving this car and calling it his. When I returned home, he was gone to a game. But at 9:30 he walked in, took a shower, and was off in HIS car to a party. Wow! As I watched him back up and drive off, I couldn't help grinning. He's really growing up.

He got home at 11:15 with a huge smile on his face. He really likes his car.

I told him to go outside and pose by his car for a picture this afternoon. He was leary because he was in his lacrosse uniform. I told him that that was perfect. After all, it's the best week of his life. He quickly corrected me. "It's a really good week", he said. I was shocked. "What in the world was your best week"? EFY

Wow! That said a ton!! I'm now checking available dates.

I love you C. I admire your desire to choose the right and how you stand up for what you believe. I love that you're passionate about your hobbies, I love how you've never complained about saving all that money. I love how you tell me that I'm a good mom when I feel like I've failed. I'm grateful that YOU are my oldest child. I'm happy that you're happy. I love you. Love, Mom

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Lorilee said...

I love that C had such a great time at EFY. I am thrilled for his best week ever. It is good to hear that playing LaCross again and getting a car comes close behind in second.