Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh ya, I've still got it goin' on!

I took four of the kids to Port of Subs tonight. We ordered a couple of sandwiches and handed the cashier our Cougar card. (a fundraiser discount card) The lady then told me that the man ahead of us had already paid for it. "Really?" I was shocked. Someone would really buy dinner for me and four of my children? What a pleasant surprise. What a gentleman. Suddenly I remembered all those movie scenes where the man buys the lady a drink and the bartender points him out to the lady. Where was the man that bought my sandwiches? He had slipped out without giving me the chance to thank him. Then I got thinking to myself...

Wow, I've still got it goin' on!

Or is it, I've still got it on?

Oh, I definitely still had it on alright.

I had the racquetball outfit on.
Had the kink in the hair from the ponytail earlier today on.
Had the flip flops on.
Had the full on granola, no makeup, but most definitely nivea on.

A real beaut!

Got me thinking again. Isn't it amazing how something so small can be so huge? Just last week I handed a man a note at the DMV, and quickly disappeared, never knowing how it impacted him. Now this man had done the same for me. It made me feel beautiful. It's gone full circle.

Whether I'm in fabulous jeans, a trendy blouse, chunky jewelry, great clutch, freshly done makeup and hair or out with my kids picking up sandwiches...I'm glad that I've learned that got it goin' on is being aware of those around me. Being able to recognize and appreciate others confidence, their sacrifices, their hard work, their patience, their service, and then doing something about it.

Now that's, got it goin' on.

And a HUGE thank you to the man that bought my sandwiches and made my day.


The Payne Family said...

That is awesome. It is nice to hear of unselfish people in the world. And you do still have "it" goin' on. Your beauty shines through all the other stuff :)

Amy said...

How great is that??? I'm going to do that for someone else this weekend! What an amazing story!

By the way... You do have it going on... still.

Lorilee said...

You truly do have it goin' on. You have made a point! Let us all do the same and see how many live we can touch by our simple acts of kindness.

Cheri said...

Love this.. besides the fact that you do have it goin on... itsn't it great to know their are kind people out there. Im with Lori, lets all do something nice for someone this weekend and put it on our blogs next week..I would love to hear what everyone does.

Amy said...

You are a NUT! When we talked on the phone and you mentioned the Nivea you were using, I assumed it was the stuff I'd sent! Crazy! Was everything melted? Glad you liked it!

Erika said...

Oh that is so great!! How fun! And you do it have IT going on STILL, I think! And I know you made mine and Mia's day today!! We got our purses. Beautiful. Great work, made me smile...and Mia texted me right away saying she just got hers and it was even more beautiful and posh in real life! Thanks tons!