Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Spy

I spy with my little eye...

A guy down the formula aisle in Walmart pouring Purex from one bottle into another.
Doth my eyes deceive me? Are you serious? I try to play dumb like I don't see a thing. But my spy instincts kick in and I can't help but see where this goes. I know that he's going to drop off the 1/2 gone bottle somewhere. But where? Would he really leave it down the baby aisle? So, casually hanging out in the baby section, I then return to see his cart with only one Purex bottle. I'm sure that's how I'll find it. Sure enough, he's racing back from the detergent aisle with only one bottle of Purex. Well, now I'm furious. I'm determined to find that half empty bottle, chase down a Walmart worker, and have the guy arrested for his Purex crime. ha ha I make my way over to the detergent aisle and quickly get to work. I am not going to let this criminal get away with this. As I shake bottle after bottle, paranoia sets in, and I notice my head looking over my shoulder because heaven forbid he's spying on me. Well, didn't find it. I was disappointed. Someone is now going to be buying a 48 oz bottle instead of 64.

Next time, this spy is going to have the nerve to ask someone, "What in the heck are you doing?"
And to all those jar to jar criminals out there, I'm watching you!


Erika said...

Very intriguing...why would they do such a thing??

Lynn said...

Ha ha. I wonder if you were on that hidden camera show "What would you do?" They have someone do something scandalous in a public place and see how people respond to it. Maybe they didn't interview you because you didn't do anything. I guess that means you fail. :D
Good job detective.

Lorilee said...

Isn't that crazy! I know there are weirdo's out there, but why? I dare you to tap him on the shoulder the next time you see him and ask him why he did what he did.

Amy said...

Left an award on my blog for you... I think you're pretty great! :)