Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wonder Woman? Why, yes I am!

Wonder Woman? Why, yes I am!

I have her confidence. Or should I say, I'll have more when my beluga stage is over? I have her long legs. I have a head band or two. But seriously now...I was talking to my sister the other day. While laughing (yes, even more so than me), she told me that she, my mom and sisters didn't know how I do it. We both laughed. I quickly told her that, "When one thing is getting done, something else is not!" We talked about the mountains of laundry. (quiet honey. I'm going to try to do better) And then I went on telling her all the other funny things that were going on in my life. Or rather, not getting done in my life.

For example: I made this sandwich the other day for lunch.

Remember the commercial, "Where's the beef?" I ran out of whole wheat bread and had some bread left over from feeding the ducks. So, I layed out my white bread, put on a piece of swiss cheese, a dollop of Blue Cheese salad dressing and went for the turkey. The turkey was gone too. Well, I already started to make the sandwich so I needed to finish it and eat it. It was missing something else. Crunch. It needed some Lay's potato chips. I actually had some because we had a barbecue for FHE. It was actually yummy in a weird sort of way. little g liked it too. He requested them until the chips were gone.

People tell me all the time that they don't know how I do it. They wonder how I do it with two babies. They wonder how I do it with seven children. They've wondered how I built a rock wall, painted my house, dealt with several sick babies for weeks on end. They wonder this and that. They're amazed by me. What a peculiar thing. I'm no more a super heroin than anyone else. In fact, on a daily basis I wonder how each of you do it. You amaze me. You inspire me. You make me want to do and be better.

Lor, I don't know anyone that is able to do so much in a day. Seriously, it's crazy. I admire how you take the time to sit down at the piano each day with your boys.

Jilly, I admire how you don't complain about living far from family. I admire how you train for a 1/2 marathon and do all those crazy push ups by yourself. What dedication.

Beth, I love your sense of humor. I love that you lived in a chicken coop. How cute is that? I think it's awesome how you helped greet people at Snow College.

Meg, I admire the fact that you were diligent in practicing your instrument to get a college scholarship. (your dad told me that while he was here) I'm impressed with what a good little mother you are. How you enjoy the simple things like their forts that they build.

Cheb, I'm amazed at how you didn't enjoy school, kept with it and got excellent grades. I admire your faith.

Deeona, You amaze me! I couldn't ask for a better mother-in-law. I admire the wonderful woman that you are. The many things that you accomplish. The obstacles that you've overcome. I know that you love me. And finally, thank you for D. I love him.

Steph, I watch you as a mother, and you adore your children. I love that. I'm so impressed with your running. You've inspired me to run again. I love that I feel like I'm your friend. I love you.

Ang, I'm so impressed with how you treated my children last year. Miss you tons! I LOVE how you make me smile when you sing "If You Chance To Meet a Frown". I'm amazed at your independence for your age.

Jenae, I'm amazed at what you do with your hubby gone some days, working, going to school, and being a great mom. Not everyone can do that.

Erika, I'm amazed at your talents. I admire how you have dealt with some challenges in the past few months gracefully. You're in my prayers.

Becca, I found it amazing how you embraced the family as soon you were introduced. I love that you're reading the Book of Mormon like a novel. Good luck with that.

Mary, I love that you hope to have three sons serving missions at the same time. You see it as a privilege and a blessing rather than a financial hardship. I love how you make me laugh.

Cheri, I admire your love of working out. I love how you've been studying and researching and growing spiritually. Hope for the best.

Aunt Renea, You are my hero. I love that you served our country. I love your generosity. I admire how you've overcome difficult things in your life. I love that you crack me up.

Amy P, I appreciated your post today. It touched me and got me thinking. I love that you want to come visit me. WNTW is in trouble.

Lynn, I love your sarcasm. It's refreshing. I'm amazed at how you loaned me your prized Christmas present. It's in good hands.

Tiff, I love how you seem to love Geoff's family. You're always so excited about his siblings big events.

Janet, I always hoped to be able to play the piano like Janet. I was in awe at how smart you were, your talents, and then your crazy scholarships. Plus, I love that you are grateful for my grandma.

Amy E, I've been so impressed at your love for home schooling. I love that you love your prince charming. Seriously, this girl lives in Happily Ever After. I love that you're so uplifting on your blog.

Shannon, I appreciate the fact that I can confide in you. I love how you're real. I love how you love me for me.

Kristin, I'm amazed at how you still have a sense of humor when challenges come up. I appreciate how you care for our children and their education.

Jessica, I admire all that you do and go through. You know what I mean.

Kjersti, I appreciate how you befriended me at the Messiah, only to find out we're cousins. You were so nice to me seeing how I graduated the year you were born. Crazy.

Julie, I love how you make me feel like I'm amazing. I love how you're real. I love that you were my friend when I needed a friend the most.(she was the one that combed my hair on a bad day)

Jen, I love how you say it like it is. Your honesty. I admire how you supported Todd all those years of schooling.

Erica, I can't believe you go to school, ran a marathon, and take care of your children. I love your notes. You write notes that I pull out on a hard day.

Isn't it beautiful that we're all a Wonder Woman in our own way?

Thank you for your sense of humors especially when things seem so dim. Thank you for being inspirational, in tune to the Spirit, and encouraging when I need it most. Thank you for your service. Thank you for being uplifting friends. Thank you for sharing your talents. Thank you for serving our communites. Thank you for loving me and my children. Thank you for supporting me. Thanks for carpools, and meals, and watching my kids. Thank you for being you and all that you do.

Thank you for being my Super Heroins. Thank you for being Wonder Woman in my eyes.


Lynn said...

You're welcome.

Dahlia said...

Hi! Yes, the Dunaways are going to law school with my husband (Alan is a year ahead). How do you know them? Small world, isn't it?!

Lorilee said...

That was a great post! Sometimes I feel like Wonder Woman, and then I look in the mirror, and realize I am even better than she...No really, I look around and realize that I've lost a kid, burnt dinner, forgot to pick up a kid to take to scouts with Harry...the list goes on. You are very nice in saying so. I guess we are all wonders in our own way. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Tonia you really are Wonder Woman! I've always thought that.

Amy said...

You know what really got me about this post? I was amazed at your thoughtfulness and the time you took to think of your friends and what you admire about them.

Me on the other hand? I prefer posts that are all about me. Oops. There's that "self-aggrandizing" part coming out again.

But thank you for the words of affirmation! They are always welcome.

As for Wonder Woman? There's no way I could pull of that outfit.

Cheri said...

Like Amy before me said, Im blown away by the thoughtfulness of this post. You are an amazing blogger and when I see you have posted something I'm right on it. thanks so much for the kind words. You are the real wonder woman.

Erica and Curtis said...

I have loved reading your posts lately. They are full of life, laughter and excitement. We all need a positive friend like you as well. You are awesome!

Erika said...

Cute post! Thanks for the nice words...and I think moms are all "Wonder" women! Everyone loves my purse, by the way...they are very impressed!

Princess Aurora said...

T! i miss you too :) & i'm glad you love that song cause i just LOVE it when you would listen to it & giggle! it made my day :)

Luvers said...

Thank you Tonia for all the nice words. I remember the first time my mom met you she couldn't stop talking about you she told me she liked you because she felt comfortable around you she felt like you were brazillian too!! hahah Anyway I love being your sister in law and am grateful for your example of a great mother.