Saturday, April 25, 2009

A camping we did go

I took the kids camping last night. We were invited with FSA to go camp and then swim in the warm springs. Due to scout camp outs, lacrosse games, and D working at the office today, I decided that the three younger boys still needed to go camping. So, I took them. G and J invited friends, I got a babysitter for the girls, we stopped at Wendy's on the way out, and headed out to the warm springs.

I'm not a packer which comes in handy when you're as spontaneous as I am. I can rough it with the best of them, but I only take what's necessary. Sleeping bags, swimsuits, towels, deodorant, and water. That's it. We found our way and arrived just before it got dark. We circled the place a couple of times before we found our home away from home. LOL! We decided that the suburban needed to be close to the two teeny tiny tents we had taken so that we could all be close together. (little g and I slept in the suburban)

While setting up camp (LOL again), the wind was a little gusty. That whole "home away from home" thing, check out our living quarters. That one tent I swear must be a one man toy tent. G and his friend were curled up in there with their shoulders touching all night.

We actually had to stake the tents down, throw in the sleeping bags, find some six inch boulders for the inside corners, and BAM! We were ready to camp.

The boys had a ball playing on the playground, finding fish and frogs in the stream, and playing flashlight tag. I have a new appreciation for Father and Son's outings. Those boys don't sit still. I kept telling myself to remain calm. "D brings them home every year", I kept telling myself. I kept counting the flashlights out in the field to make sure no one was lost.

Bedtime came, and we crawled into our tents and cubbys. I won't add any fluff right here. The wind was CRAZY WINDY! The suburban was rocking. I kept peering through the windshield to make sure my sons and their two friends were still there. My family knows that I need two things when I sleep. Noise and breeze. Usually in the form of a fan. (Yes, I'm addicted) Well, I definitely had noise and a good breeze last night. It was CRAZY! I couldn't get to sleep. If I wasn't worrying about the boys and their tents, then I was worrying about the boy scouts' campfire that was spewing sparks far away that was surely going to lead to a fire and we'd all be trying to leave this oasis at the same time. It must be the whole fire thing.

Once I calmed down, I dozed off a little now and then in between my flips and turns. We woke up at around six this morning to more wild wind. It was chilly! It continued to get colder and colder, even more overcast and then came the rain. Fortunately I had cleaned up camp and was heading over to the pancake breakfast as promised. While there, plates were flying, children were crying, and I overheard the person in charge cancel our lifeguard. What? That's the only reason I went camping by myself was to see my kids enjoy the warm springs. Oh well. We loaded up, headed home, jumped in the hot tub, played a little Wii and then went miniature golfing. That's when we called it a camping trip.

So what is FSA you ask? It's Families Supporting Adoption. It was the first activity I've been to since B was placed with our family. We've always had excuses as to why we've never been to anything before. I'm usually pregnant is what it really boils down to. You can't very well show up to activities pregnant when others are praying for a baby. was awesome. I walked around with a permanent smile on my face. I hadn't ever seen anything like it. What I saw can only be described as beautiful. There they were. We, being one of them. Families that all had something in common. Families that had adopted children or were praying for the day that they too would adopt a child. Children belonged to families that adored them. Siblings that were of different ethnic origins, colors, and bone structure. Yet, these families were perfect. I would hear the children calling out "mommy" and "daddy". I often caught myself in tears thinking about what a miracle our own little B has been to our family. I loved being affiliated with these people. I wondered how I was so blessed to have received our perfect little daughter, B? How I longed for the day that she too would call me, "mommy". She does, and it's miraculous every time she says it.

What a beautiful picture I have in my head. What a miraculous thing adoption is! I love you B.


Amy said...

I have a new appreciation for you. Seriously. Camping... and taking EXTRA children? You are a wild woman!

Thank you for your thoughts on adoption. 6 weeks. Tick Tock. Can't wait.

Cheri said...

Love this post. Thanks for sharing your adventure with the younger boys. I think it's great that you went to a FSA function. I find lots of support and a kinship with other families that have adopted AA children. Good for you...

Lorilee said...

That sounded like a lot of fun. I was waiting for your pink camo, blinged up tent and never saw a photo of it? Is that one of your next projects?

Glad you went. I bet the boys loved it and thought their mom was the cooledst ever.

Maybe B and S can go next year.

The Payne Family said...

Wow! You are brave! Right now I wouldn't be brave enough to go camping alone. I would have been a worrying the whole time. Thanks for sharing your feelings about adoption.

Lori said...

Wow you are a brave mom and it sounds like you had a fun time with the boys. I think I would have been up all night worrying also. Im sure the FSA function was a neat experience thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...
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