Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Doesn't everyone have a lip gloss drawer?

I have been known to like lip gloss. Okay, okay, I have a thing for lip gloss. I love it. I always have. I remember clear back in kindergarten saving my money for lip gloss. My favorites back then were the HUGE lip smackers in bubble gum flavor. I think I ate half of it. I also loved the ones that were in a glass bottle with a ball on top that would glide over my lips and make them real shiny. Well, my love for the stuff, stuck.

Every purse and diaper bag has a couple stashed in there. The nightstand has one, the suburban has several, my bathroom has lip gloss storage, (yes, just like food storage)

and my lip gloss drawer has several more. Yes, my lip gloss drawer. Doesn't everyone has a lip gloss drawer? It's next to the kitchen sink. It's not only lip gloss in there. There are a few other things that I need close at hand all day. Like floss, I need it after I munch on those healthy carrots. Tweezers for the occasional whisker on the chin. Sewing kit for buttons off of scout shirts. Ball pump for the four square balls, and lots and lots of lip gloss.

If you know me well, or I see you often, or I send you something, you've probably gotten lip gloss. I even received an award at girl's camp one year for it.

Since I know a thing or two about lip gloss, I thought I'd share my favs. They can't be expensive! They're easy to lose so you need several inexpensive ones. When you find one you love, stock up! Here goes.

This one is sold at Bath and Body Works. Normally $7.50. They're on sale right now for $5, but if you watch, you can catch them for $3! That's when you stock up. They're YUMMY! They taste like mint, they have a hint of color, and they're truly a gloss. Not glitter. It promises good breath, and it makes kissing pretty tasty.
This one I just got from A while visiting this weekend. Where has it been all my life? It's made by Arbonne. It's $10 online. I love the tube. It has the perfect amount of color and a teeny bit of glitter. Not too much. I don't want to look thirteen again.

This next one is by Sally Hansen.

You can buy it anywhere. It plumps your lips. At least it says it does. It feels like my lips are plumper when I wear it. Your lips tingle after applying it. Let me go put some on real quick to show you, then you can tell me if they're plump or not.

So, what do you think? Are they plump?

So what's the fascination with lip gloss? I don't know. Maybe that they're small. I love tiny things. Maybe the smells, the shine, the fact that they're feminine.

Do you have one that I should know about?

Lovin' my lip gloss---and the kisses and smooches to go with it! Come here Big D!

Happy lip glossing.

the Lip gloss Princess


Cheri said...

LOL!! I love the photo. and I have to agree with you on the bath and body lipgloss. I don't have a drawer but I have a makeup bag full of my lipglosses. I try to keep some in every bag I have so I have some to use at all times but if I don't have any lipgloss then I know my husband will have his man gloss. He loves Jack Black lip balm. He NEVER leaves home without it.

Erika said...

I too love the Bath and Body kind. I will have to try some of your recommendations though..they look good. And especially the lip plumping one, cuz WOWZERS, that stuff works, huh!?

The Payne Family said...

You are funny! I really like your picture. Glad you like the lip gloss.

Lynn said...

Nice lips... but seriously, do they really plump up?

Lori said...

I love the picture!! Funny. I am more of a lipstick girl. Mary Kay. But we have tonz of chapstick everywhere. My kids are known for their chapped lips. I have a bunch in my purse, I keep some in my pocket, they are all over my house. I think as soon as my kids use it one time they lose it because they never seem to be able to find any maybe I need a chapstick drawer. I love bath & body soap maybe next time I'm in there I will have to pick up a lipgloss and try it. :)

Janet said...

Just wait until your little girls discover your lip gloss drawer! I can't keep track of any lip products anymore.

Megan said...

My goodness! You are hilarious. No, I do not have a lip gloss drawer. I'm even sorry to say this, but I don't think I even own any lip gloss. Maybe since I have two daughters, we'll have to try some. Thanks for the recommendations.

NelsonFamily said...

You are sooo funny! I love reading your blog and wish I could be that creative. How did you put your kids pictures on the side??

Lorilee said...

You are CRAZY! I love the photo. I wondered how some days your lips look more plump than others. Now I know. Happy lip glossing.