Sunday, April 19, 2009

The cousins came to town

So I mentioned how much I love blogging last time. It's a way to connect with other people. I've become friends with two of my cousin's wives because of it. I never would have become friends with them otherwise. I'm too old, they're too young, we live apart, we're in different stages of life, yet...we've made a connection, and they came to visit me. Yes, me!

It was my cousin B and his wife A and daughter H. And my other cousin's wife L and her son K. Try to keep all that straight!
We had so much fun. I think we did? We had a food storage dinner when they arrived Friday night. They were good sports. Then we were off to the Melting Pot for dessert. Yummy! Fortunately that was a big hit. I suppose it made up for the food storage dinner. We all pounded our plates of strawberries, cheesecake, brownies, rolled marshmallows, bananas, pound cake, and rice crispy treats in the yummiest milk chocolate and crunchy peanut butter fondue ever. It's worth the splurge even when you don't have a coupon. While stuffing our faces and laughing we all agreed that we'd "start again on Monday". Ever heard that before?
After returning home from dessert, we watched the much anticipted Twilight. I was nervous that the tracker would scare the heck out of me, but, it was the cheesiest movie. Let's just say that the book was much better. They usually are.
The next morning we woke up to a T.P. yard. They got us GOOD! It was fun until we realized that C's car had an egg on it. Then another one. Oh wait, there's one on the window screen, and the front door, and three on the front entry way, and a couple on the sidewalk. All of a sudden, the fun prank wasn't so fun. We quizzed C as to who he thought it might have been. We came up with a name, I phoned the parents kind of giggling, ( hard to believe I know) and twenty minutes later, the boy and his dad were knocking on the front door. I had cleaned the car, and my cousin had cleaned the door and the driveway, so the friend stayed and cleaned the house. It took a couple of hours. I phoned the parents and told them that he had done a good job cleaning the house. I told them that we had a lot of admiration for not only their son and that he had fessed up, but for them as well by teaching their child to come appologize and clean up. No hard feelings. Don't think he'll be egging any time soon.
Well, the girls and I headed out to go shopping. We hit the mall where we found L a graduation dress. What a crack up! A and I were tugging at the dress, lifting, pulling, talking of altering, exchanging until we found the right one. Never thought that we just needed a dress size smaller. At last, the right one. Now, she just needs to get that chunky necklace AND bracelet!
A found a few new summer blouses. Have you watched "What not to wear"? She could be on the show with Clinton and Stacy. She was reciting every rule in the world while we were looking and trying on different things.
We raced home to find the house still standing and the kids all still alive. My cousin B had stayed behind and watched their two babies and helped out with my kids. He's a good man. Thanks B.
We had a "fend for yourself lunch", they loaded up their car, and they headed home.
It was fun. It was fun getting to know all of them better. It was fun confessing to my cousin B that I couldn't stand him when he was little. He and his sister were the whiny baby cousins that I had to listen to every Sunday night over at grandma's house. It was fun seeing the babies play together. They're all within eleven months of each other. I think they'll be back. I hope they'll be back. They're always welcome. Love you guys. Thanks for coming.
I totally did not steal these pictures from A! Okay, maybe I did.


Lynn said...

Thanks Tonia, we had a great time! I am going hunting for chunky jewelry tomorrow!

aunt jan said...

TO, you're the greatest! Thanks for being such a fabulous hostess and showing the girls (and Brian) an extraordinary time. Now, any fashion help for the old aunt? Hey, Amy, where are you when I need you?? love you both!

Lorilee said...

It sounded like you all had a great deal of fun. I had no idea that you were going to have visitors. Isn't it fun when people want to visit and hang out with "you"? I loved the jewlery on Lynn's blog. Where did you find it? I must make me some.

Lynn said...

Lori, the jewelry was at New York & Company.

Kjersti said...

yay! Go cousin time! Speaking of which, I'll be in Las Vegas on Saturday for a voice competition, and it would be fun to say hi or grab a bite to eat or something.

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that all those cute kids are wearing fleece footed i live in the northwest cold winter pajamas in Vegas! Hugs to you.

Erika said...

Sounds like fun, and now I want some fondue!