Monday, April 13, 2009

Scissor Time

I lined up the boys today and pulled out the scissors. They had been requesting haircuts and to have their necks shaved for days maybe even weeks now. I kept putting it off because my buzzer died and I don't really enjoy cutting hair. I bought a new buzzer today so I had no excuse. I thought if I took before and after pictures it might be more fun. Kind of like a makeover. But five of them. I love a good makeover. In fact, I loved Jose Eber as a young girl and dreamed of him cutting my long hair and making me look like a Beverly Hills knock out even if he wore a cowboy hat with a ponytail himself.

I pulled out the camera, lined up the kids, and before I knew it. I was laughing. Laughing at what? Oh my boys that look like their having a mug shot taken. You know that whole, no pose, won't say cheese, getting ornery thing. I think I just recently mentioned that. I did catch a couple of personalities though. Good thing I'll have a few weeks before we line them up again.
C wondered when I was going to learn a new haircut. He obviously doesn't want the same one he's had for the last eleven years. But I think he needs to look like a future missionary. So, we found a happy medium. He still thinks I need to take a class for a new look.
I got A posed with his long hair spritzed only to be distracted by the girls crying and forgot to take the before picture. But...he volunteered a smile for the after.
G likes his hair long. Only because his hair doesn't have an ounce of curl in it. Plus, plus, he grows wings on the sides of his head due to his thick hair. We once again found a compromise. I suggested that he smile for the second picture. "Why? I didn't smile for the first one."
J actually submitted himself to a buzz with with some in the front to stand up. What's with those red eyes?
Where do I start with little g? That kid has neck veins.

Looks a little like Billy Idol.

Here's to scissors, buzzers, mug shots, and Hallelujah, not for six more weeks!!

fyi--Hair was spiked for length sake. They're really not mad scientists.


Jill said...

Those pictures are funny. I showed them to my boys and they enjoyed them. Is that what I have to look forward to when my boys are older? What is Darren's hair looking like these days? Did you forget to cut his hair? What's one more haircut.

CJ said...

Good idea to take pics. My boys need haircuts too. Except they aren't old enough to ask yet. Thank goodness for that.

aunt jan said...

Hip hip for homemade cuts! No scissors but mom's touched my boys' heads till they went on their missions. I was always kinda sad, not that they left home but that someone took over my job...a true sign that they'd grown up!

Lorilee said...

Those pictures cracked me up! I love how happy they look. Little g is funnier than funny. And then you go off on his neck vains?! You make me laugh.