Sunday, May 17, 2009

A's team sweeps!

Thursday night was huge! C and A both had their final games for the season. Actually, I left out a small detail. They were both in the championships for their lacrosse leagues. They both won. C won in the high school JV division and A won in both the D1 and D2 middle school divisions. I guess you could say...they took state! It was so much fun. A's team went undefeated all season, in fact, each game was a blow out they're soooo good. A's sitting here telling me to say that his team is better than C's team. (They probably are) He's now telling me that they beat them in a scrimmage. (He's not lying. They're awesome!) ---thank you (A)

I had the girls dressed us as the boys biggest cheerleaders. They wore their Cowboys cheerleader outfits since they matched both the boys school colors. Then they had the boys' numbers on their cheeks. Too cute.

After A's game, the parents sprayed club soda all over the boys. Wish I had a picture of that. The boys' smiles were awesome.

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Lorilee said...

That is so cool. I wondered how I missed this post. Congrats to A's clean sweep. That is so cool. The pic with D is cute as can be. I love the cowboy attire.