Sunday, May 17, 2009

We had company over

Wow! Saturday was great. With lacrosse over, we had some family time. D and the boys arrived that morning from father and sons, I had just started painting my "Miley Cyrus" bedroom, (I'll show you when I'm done) and we got busy building our ark. Man, it's a lot of work, but it's a great feeling. After awhile, we took a much needed break and started to make lunch. A was making homemade salsa, D threw some brats on the BBQ and next thing I knew, I was on the phone asking people to come over.

Yip, begging, screaming, going crazy, demanding that people would come over! It wasn't your normal invitation. It went something like this...

Our outside grill is on fire and it has huge flames coming out of it. I need someone here. Oh my heck, where are they? D, get away from it! Oh my heck! I live right by the fire station, where are they? I can't calm down! I've been on fire before and I need the fire gone now!!! D, she says to get away from it! Oh my heck! When are they going to get here? etc... Yes, it was a 911 call.

Meanwhile, the kids are over in our neighbor's front yard as practiced, D's spraying down the BBQ with the back hose, and has demanded that we get the front hose out there. We string that one through the house and have both hoses on the grill. The flames are nearly ten feet tall, they're fortunately going away from the house towards the beam that holds up the balcony and the pool fence. My friend Janie peels in as she's heard me scream while on the phone after seeing D back up to huge flames.

I'm obviously freaking out. It's deja vu. There my husband is trying to get the flames out on a can that's quite possibly explosive. And the fire isn't going out. That's the scary part! C suggests the fire extinguishers. We grab two of them, one of which worked. Janie ran around the house and sprayed the extinguisher until the firemen arrived.

I'm flagging down the firemen as they pull on to the street. They go through the house, D hands them the hoses and he steps aside so that they can save our home. Janie comforts me and my children as we stand in the neighbors yard waiting for the outcome.

As I stood there with my children, I knew that I had been blessed. I knew that my Heavenly Father had helped me that day. Yes, I wasn't very patient with the 911 lady, but I had gathered my children, I was looking at them, and I hadn't shed a tear. I remember the day that I never thought I'd have a candle lit in my house, roast a marshmallow again, or cook on a gas stove. I had witnessed my greatest fear once again, and I was okay.
When we got the word that everything was okay, we filed in to see what had happened. One by one we went out the back sliding glass doors to our backyard. Here's a glimpse of what we saw. (No, the BBQ wasn't right there) We'll need some construction work on the house done, a new BBQ, new pool fence, and maybe new cool decking.

Of course I'm sobbing right now thinking about it. Thinking about how I did it. How I did it with help I'm sure!
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Amy said...

Okay... that is SCARY! I'm so glad everyone is okay!!!

Sending hugs your way!

Luvers said...

Holy cow!! that is nuts! I;m glad that not much damage was done. And that everyone is safe!

Lori said...

Wow, how scary!!! I am so glad everyone is ok and the damage was minimal.

Megan said...

That is absolutely crazy! I am really glad that everyone is okay.

Cheri said...

Tonia, I'm so glad that everyone is ok. What a scary moment. I just can't stop thinking of what might have happened. Your family was blessed that day.. Sorry about the house:(

Lorilee said...

What the heck!? I am glad that all is well. I bet the flashbacks were just about more than you could take. Sorry about the damage, but your family is safe and your ark is well on its way, and you were without being watched over and protected. I am crying with you...although my tears are a couple of days after the fact.

Lynn said...

Whoa Tonia, that is crazy! I am so glad that everyone is okay though and that no one got hurt. Sorry you had to live through that again!

The Payne Family said...

You have the craziest stuff happen to you. I am glad you are all ok. I am afraid of fire. I liked the way you told your story. I give you an A+ for your creativeness.