Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lunch at Big Jud's

So, on our way to Yellowstone, we took a detour and had lunch at Big Jud's. It's just a little place out in the country with BIG portions. I've been there a couple of times with the kids when I've gone to visit sisters, but D had never been, and C had never downed a pounder. Yip, I just said a pounder.

D was cute, and told the kids that this was their trip and that they could order what they wanted. C insisted on a pounder Western burger complete with bacon and onion rings.
Why the pounder? Well, if you eat the entire thing, they take your picture and hang it on the wall. Would you believe that there are people that have eaten a double, triple, even a five pounder??? Doesn't just the thought of that make you want to puke?
D and I ordered the pound bleu cheese burger. We both ate a quarter each. It was just fun to say we ordered one.
C was determined to get his picture on the wall. He ate and he ate and he ate. He said he didn't think he could finish. We as a family began cheering him on with a little peer pressure, and told him he could do and that he had to have his picture on the wall.
The cute waitress and wife of Jud himself, came over to see how C was doing? She said that he only needed to eat the burger and bun to say he finished. He was determined to eat everything on his specialty burger.
He did it. He ate the whole thing. And...he didn't eat for about a day and a half after that.
They have the best fries too. Freshly cut, fried crispy, and served with fry sauce. YUM!
Afterwards, when we were completely all bloated out of our gourdes, we still had to have ice cream. I got black licorice ice cream. The ice cream itself is not the best in the world, but to have black licorice, was awesome. Loved my cone.
This little stop at Big Jud's was one of the things that made our family trip so much fun. We laughed for days at C and his lack of desire for food. We laughed at how we cheered him on when he didn't think he could do it. We were doing something stupid and having the time of our lives.
So, if you're ever near Archer, Ashton, or Boise Idaho, stop in and have a burger, yummy fries and black licorice ice cream.


Beth Rhoades said...

I've eaten here and yes, you about want to cry when you are done eating your food. I did NOT attempt to eat the pounder, but if you looked close on the wall you would have seen not one, but three pictures of my sweet husband...who has in fact eaten a pounder three times. Yuck!

aunt jan said...

Way to go Corb!!! you little bloatus guttus!!! The little things in life are the bestus!

The Payne Family said...

I can't believe C. ate that much! It must be a Payne thing. Sounds like a fun trip filled with memories. Not sure about the black licorice ice cream. Way to be open minded :)