Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Meet us at the fountain

One of our days (LOL, four hours) on our vacation we spent at Lagoon. Let's just say...the boys were a little disappointed. D and I had really built up the place after going there as kids. Well, when your kids grow up going to Knott's Berry Farms, Adventure Land, and Magic Mountain, it's kind of boring. I think the picture sums it up. (We're really not snotty)
I know it sounds like they're not appreciative. But, it really was just another inside joke that we had as a family for the remainder of the vacation. The kids didn't ride any of the rides twice, heck, they only rode about half the rides and then we called it a "day".
As we're headed for the exit, we saw this big sprinkler thing. One by one the kids and I start darting out into the fountain.
Now THAT was fun. That was worth the Lagoon tickets right there. Well, not really. But it was something to laugh about the rest of the day. It was especially fun as we're drenched walking through Target looking for a fan, (D and I are addicted to the noise and the breeze at night) and then to Golden Corrale for dinner.
I'll chalk it up for another fun family vacation memory.


Em said...

Looks like fun!!

Lorilee said...

I am glad that you found something fun at Lagoon that your whole family liked. My kids liked that too. I loved seeing the pics of everyone playing.

I loved seeing you on the horse and your beautiful hair blowing in the wind. What a doll you are.