Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yellowstone National Park

Okay, so another thing that was so fun about our trip were the animals. Not just the animals. But some people in the car got confused as to what some animals were plural. So, it became funny and we renamed all the animals we saw. For instance, this is our friend the Buffali and he speaks Buffalese.

A pretending he's falling off a cliff. He's way too good of a climber for that. I tell myself that every time he goes on a scout campout.

The boys walking down to the brink.

Check out these falls. Check out the bridge. I'm all about bridges. Doesn't it totally rock?

D and little g walking a trail.

Brace yourself. This could have been the hilight of my Yellowstone adventures. A bald eagle. Oh it made my day! :)

We pulled up to Old Faithful and had a forty minute wait before we saw it go off. Funny thing is, is that little g had to pee oh, as it was due to go off. He and D quickly ran into the restrooms, and D held little g like a football and ran back out to see it shooting in the air.

little g was a huge fan of the smells.

C looking at the "wish I could jump in because it looks so good, but better not if I don't want to boil to death" water hole thing. (D reads the signs, I just enjoy the scenery)


Lorilee said...

How fun! Someday we would like to take a vacation up to Yellowstone. I bet you had a blast with all of your boys. They looked like they were enjoying themselves. Good for you.

Em said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Yellowstone is a special place!! Fun fun!

Amy said...

You want bald eagles??? You have GOT to come visit us. We pass at least 100 of them on the way to church. And I am not kidding. But you'd have to watch out for the bear... so it's a toss up!