Monday, July 27, 2009

The smiling reality junkie

Yes, I am. I am a reality t.v. junkie. And...tonight....I was caught smiling. Finally! No, not finally smiling. Smiling because the bachelorette finally picked the right guy. A couple that's madly in love with each other. A couple that their eyes really do sparkle when they look at each other. A couple that's not afraid to get married. Ready to commit. It was awesome. Loved it.

Can't wait to talk about it in the morning with my mom. he he he


Em said...

It finally happened huh?! Good. It's about time. They always get things like that wrong.

Erin said...

Aunt Jerrie watches the Bachelorette?
BOOM!! That was my mind being blown

Lori said...

I totally agree!!! They are a very cute couple and they look very happy. Its nice to see someone actaully get it right on this show!:)

Cheri said...

YOU"Re Crazy!! :)

CJ said...

I'm smiling too!