Friday, July 31, 2009

Just a couple of funnies

So, you know the phrase, "while the cat's away, the mice play"? (giggle)

Well, life is different having older children. I tried to explain that to a friend a year or so ago. I asked her is she had any plans for their anniversary. She told me that they would probably just get some carry out and eat at home. I told her that's absurd! I insisted that I watch her two young boys so that they could go out on a date together. She declined. I was in shock. I then suggested that I watch her boys while they have carry out at their home alone. She declined again. That was it! I couldn't stand it anymore. I then told her that that would be exactly what I would have wanted. To have our house all to ourselves. That way we could run around the house naked if we wanted. Well, that left a visual in her head that she had a hard time getting rid of. (Probably like you are. LOL) I then explained that we wouldn't REALLY be running around the house naked!! I continued to explain that we're in different stages of life with our children's ages. I told her, "You wait. Someday you'll want the same thing. You're limited when you have older eyes and ears around."

So, after having said that...all five boys were at their grandma's for the last two nights. We took a dip in the pool last night. That was fun. LOL


I have two little nieces here visiting me today. When they went out to swim tonight with my brother, they were giggling and I heard them say that the pool was gross and it looked like an alligator was in my pool. Well, I quickly reminded them that the vacuum hadn't been hooked up all day and so there was probably just some dust that had settled on the bottom of the pool.

When my brother got in the pool, he came up out of the water and asked if there was supposed to be a lizard in the pool? It finally dawned on me. The "alligator" was the dead lizard on the bottom of the pool. Oh, we had such a good laugh at that one. The girls were screaming and giggling while I scooped him up and removed the poor little guy from the pool.

Hopefully we won't see anymore "alligators" in the pool.



Em said...

I liked this post... very funny! That did create a picture in my mind! :)

Cheri said...

Fun!! I like the visual I got in my head..:)

Erin said...


Amy said...

I know exactly what you mean! I had the exact same conversation recently with a young family in our ward. I couldn't believe they don't have date night!

I guess your right. It's all in the timing.