Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lining up for blessings

Oh I loved today. There was a buzz in the air today knowing that the new school year begins tomorrow. We worked all weekend organizing and cleaning bedrooms, doing laundry, buying new clothes, shoes and socks, and anticipating father's blessings.

We had a yummy dinner, cleaned it up, put away toys and made sure the house was a "house of order" so that D could give our boys their blessings for the new year. One by one, each boy took his turn on the chair with his father's hands upon his head where they each received personalized priesthood blessings.

I wondered how D could come up with five, yes five, different boy blessings. But he did. The blessings were beautiful. I took notes on each one to give to the boys. I was so overcome with emotion when I heard J's blessing. He's had it rough lately being the middle child. He's been picked on and can't do anything right so I'm told from the older boys. He was pleased with his blessing.

What a wonderful gift. What a beautiful sight. What a blessing.

I'll be going to bed smiling anxious for the details of the first day of school tomorrow.

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Em said...

It's that crazy time again!! WoW!