Sunday, August 23, 2009

Once upon a time...

It was just two short years ago today, that B came into our lives. I received three days notice that I would soon be the mother of a baby girl. I was ecstatic! I was in shock. Could it really be so? Could I really be the mother of a baby girl? As I drove to the hospital to pick up a stranger's baby that I would soon call my own, I had tears running down my cheeks. I remember loving her before I knew anything about her and before I had ever seen her.

When I held her for the first time, I studied her. I noticed her head covered in dark hair, I counted her fingers and toes, held her close to me and realized that she was MINE. I remember telling her what her name was and that I was her mommy. I carefully dressed her in her pink tutu dress, socks with roses on them, and placed her bow around her head. She was my baby girl, MY daughter.

I wasn't home half an hour when I saw fourteen year old C holding her up to his cheek, saying, "B, I love you so much". That's when I broke into tears. Tears of gratitude. Tears of witnessing a miracle.

One year later, we took B and our six other children to the temple and had her sealed to us for time and all eternity. That was the best day of my life to see all seven of my children dressed in white in the temple. Now that was "Heaven on Earth".
Today I noticed myself watching my two year old daughter. We wore matching colors to church today. She sat on my lap and wanted to wear my jewelry. I let her. We exchanged earrings, and I let her wear my bracelet, watch and necklace. She walked up the aisle with lip gloss in hand to see a friend. I was all smiles. She definitely is MY daughter. I had C snap this picture after church. We're beaming. We're smiling just like we did when we first saw each other two years ago. She's been nothing but joy. She's my very own little miracle.

This week I'll be reading her a new story. A bedtime story just for her. A story she'll be familiar with her whole life. A story about how much a family of five boys wanted a daughter and a little sister. A story that will let her know how much she was wanted, loved, and worth waiting for. A story that will begin, "Once upon a time..."


Amy said...

So beautiful! You had me in tears! I can't wait to take Betsy to the temple. I am in awe of the miracle of adoption!

Cheri said...

YOu must stop making me cry!! Thank you for sharing your first day with B with us.

I look back on our first moments with Boo and can't believe the true miracle it is that our children found us or we found them.

It takes my mind to another place when I think of my family in the temple all in white together just like you said "like heaven". The temple sealing is one thing I haven't blogged about on Boo's private blog yet. It's so special I can't find all the right words. Thanks again for sharing

Megan said...

Thank you for sharing your miracle story. I have never known the details surrounding your adoption, and was very touched. Daughters are so wonderful!

The Payne Family said...

She is a doll and fits right in. Maybe we can see you again sometime.

Em said...

That story gets me me. I love to see that she wants to be like her mommy... that's precious. She adorable... really cute!

Lorilee said...

T- you are awesome. I am so glad that B is a part of your family. She is darling in every way. I love how she and S play together and do everything the same. I hope their friendship continues and deepens as year pass.

Dana said...

What you said was:

4)So sweet
5)Had me in tears(Good tears...)

You rock!