Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm back...part of me

So, for the last few weeks I haven't really felt like I've had anything blog worthy to post about. I've checked everyone else's blogs to see what they're doing, but nothing here. cute auntie called me today to see how I was doing with my parents gone. Isn't that cute? I do love her. It really did make my day. :)

The girls have just shown a little interest in watching television. They like the movie Snow White. It's the only girl movie that we own. I came home with Princess Tiana yesterday so we watched it this morning.

We were having a good time when I noticed S combing out my hair over the arm of the couch. I let my pony tail out for her to comb. I was thinking "how cute is this? It's totally one of those 'girl' things to comb their mommy's hair". I've got a tough head, so I just let her rip the comb through my hair. After enduring a few yanks and pulls, I heard the girls talk to each other about giving mommy a haircut. Then, THEN, the comb sounded different. (Probably because I heard the word hair cut) I yanked my head around, quickly jumped off the couch, only to find a tiny ponytail five inches long in S's hand along with her scissors. There B was too, with scissors in hand also. I screamed, telling A that they really had cut my hair.

I told A, "I have got to get the camera for this one!" That's when we took this picture.

Then, about ten minutes later as I was cleaning some things off the counter, I noticed two more ponytails in the garbage. Thicker and bigger ponytails. I think I yelled at A again telling him that there were two more ponytails in the garbage.

So, I'm back to blogging, but only part of me. What's a few ponytails gone? I scheduled a hair appointment just yesterday. Perfect timing.


Amy said...

Oh No! That is just precious! Nice to see you again! I've missed you too.

Lorilee said...

What a crack up! I know how that goes. You caught yours in the act however. Mr. Scissors cut M's hair. I've got to see their hair cuts. I bet they will be darling with or without hair.

aunt jan said...

Thick hair = no worries. And the whole thing is worth a priceless family story for years to come!

Lynn said...

Haha- that is too funny! You are a good sport.

Erika said...

Those girlies!!