Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Air dry

So, I'm kind of weird about some things. I guess it's a good thing. It's quite like one of my children's personalities I guess.

Rather than complaining about some things, I just let them go. and go. and go.

Like um, well, when I lived back east and we didn't really HAVE any money, my vacuum broke and I didn't want to bother D about it, so I just swept the entire carpeted apartment for about six weeks. He was busy with school, so he never knew that I was going without the vacuum. I felt dumb when I did admit to him that it had been broken for some time. I was okay with that. I knew that I wouldn't be without one forever. And $59 to buy a new one was a ton of money.

Last night I noticed that the big silver hose from the clothes dryer had been stepped on. So, I got out the needle nose pliars and tried to open it up. Well, I sort of pierced the hose. Oh well. Who needs a clothes dryer anyway?

This time it wasn't about the cost of the new hose. It would just be a hassle to have to run to Lowe's one more time. Not to keep fixing things, but because I've been shaking things up around here. Anyway...that swim fence sure comes in handy. I always hang ALL my clothes out to dry. I shake all my clothes, stretch the sleeves, and stand on the ends of my jeans while holding on to the crotch and stretching for all I'm worth so that they still fit my 5'11" body. I can't lose an inch on anything. (But...I did just discover my new bff which is Gap and Banana Republic TALL line online. Yippee!!)

Oh ya, so, I don't mind hanging my clothes out to dry, but wow, clothes for nine people, minus A and C's because they do their own, are a LOT of clothes to hang out on the COLDEST day of the year. Thing is, I really liked doing it. I love being out in my backyard. I love the fresh air. I could have totally been a pioneer woman hanging her clothes out to dry. No, no I couldn't. I'd be freaked out worrying as to wether a wild indian was going to come snag me.

As I was doing the five loads of laundry that wouldn't dry as fast as they do in the summer, I couldn't help but think about our Family Home Evening last night. We watched "Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving". It was torture for the boys since they've grown up with computer animation and the fact that Charlie Brown isn't the most energetic character out there. I told them to be good sports because dad loved to watch it growing up. Afterwards, D went around the room and we all had to say something that we were thankful for. Some of the boys were saying dumb things or things that didn't take any thought at ALL! We explained to them that we wanted age appropriate answers and reasons to back up their answers.

So, I great would this be to not have a dryer for a month! Surely my kids would learn to appreciate having a dryer rather than having to shake out every single sock, pair of panties, underwear, boxers, jeans, t-shirts, princess dresses, soccer outfits, work out clothes, hoodies, rags, dishcloths, towels, etc. out in the cold of December and then lay them out on the swim fence, every patio chair, table top, and nine chairs in the house. We'll see.

I'm kind of liking this whole thing. Kind of brings a grin to my face. I remember living in a motel for four months and hardly owning a thing. I got used to it and quite liked not having a junk drawer that weighed 25 pounds. Seriously? How many spatulas, graters, wooden spoons, pizza cutters, and whatever else does one family need?

So, I'm thinking for January we'll do the no microwave thing. We've done it before. My kids will learn to appreciate more than their house, food, and family that's for sure.

As for me and my drying complaints here. Oh, I'll get another dryer hose don't you worry. But not until I'm AT Lowe's and January is here. And for February's "going without"? Maybe we should just take one month at a time. I'll let you know how it goes.


The Payne Family said...

What a good little mother you are. I don't know if I could torture myself for a whole month though ;) I agree, I'm not pioneer material either.

Megan said...

Wow! That is amazing. No, YOU are amazing. I thought I was doing good to hang the swimming towels out after swimming lessons in the summer. I'll try to do better in the summer, but there is no way I am going out in below freezing temperature to hang up my wet clothes.

aunt jan said...

I air dried back in the day to save money. And I loved it for the same reasons you do. There's nothing like the smell of clothes dried by the sun. Towels can be a little crisp but the better to get rid of dead skin cells. Now, that's a nice thought...

NelsonFamily said...
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