Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A hunting we did go

Oh heavens no!!!

No, no, no!! No deer or elk hunting here. Ick with a capital I!
We went pine nut hunting as a family. It was so much fun. We hadn't been in three years when it turned out to be the worst day of the boys' lives. We were crossing our fingers that there would be pine nuts with all the moisture we've received this year. We loaded into the suburban and headed out. Can I just say how much fun it was being in the same car?! We double buckled two of the kids to fit. I have so missed driving in one car. All of you out there that can, appreciate it. was great. We got our pine nuts despite our terribly sticky hands.
The kids climbed the trees and A even climbed a cactus. What's with that kid? He has a thing for climbing obviously.
What a great day and memory. I'm realizing that we need to keep doing these things because my family will change forever in one year after C leaves for his mission. Weird to have to think like that.
Great memory.


The Payne Family said...

Where did you go to get pine nuts? I've been thinking about you. Want to play next week?

Cheri said...

did you cut your hair??