Monday, November 1, 2010

I think I busted a "bust"

Oh my, my naive little self.

I took the three younger boys to Target with me this afternoon. They headed off to the book section while I headed over to the aisle with wart killers. While looking for the compound W, I noticed a man spying on a woman down the aisle. He was SO obvious! It kind of made me feel uncomfortable because he was so comfortable spying on her. Seriously, he was like my dad I'm sure when he's scoping out an elk on the hunt. I thought, he's either not all there, or maybe the family is playing a game over the long weekend. Well, once the Compound W was in my hand, I headed over to the cuticle trimmer aisle. There he was again. Spying around the corner at the same woman. This time he had a small walkie talkie saying, "She's on aisle ---". That was it!! I got so nervous and was literally upset that my anxiety started kicking in. I was determined to save this lady's life. I just knew that he was going to beat her, rape her, turn her into a creep of an ex-husband, and the list goes on and on. The lady continued down the aisle and headed to the register with the man not far behind her. Not trying to be obvious myself, I passed the spy man (future criminal in my head) and caught the lady. She had gone through the register and asked the cashier where the restroom was. Before she got too far away, I called for her. In a scared voice, I asked her if she knew that a man was following her. She said that she didn't know that. I then kept going on about how he had followed her down two aisles and had even used a walkie talkie telling them where she was at. She in quite a calm voice said, "Ok, I'll keep an eye out for them." So, anxiously I walked away ready to find my boys. It looked as if she was following the man that was spying on her to confront him, but that's where I left it. I don't know what happened.

But...after running into two friends at Target just a few minutes later and relaying my experience, they immediately thought of a shoplifter. Really? Seriously? Had I really busted a shoplifting bust?

Interesting that my mind doesn't even think that way. I thought they watched for shoplifters from those bubble things in the ceiling.

So to you spy guy at Target, I'm really, really sorry for telling the lady that you were following her. I hope you caught her, dug through her purse and took back everything that she took from good ol' Target. I'll let you do your job next time. :)


tgood said...

ha ha! I love it. I only know because I know the security guy at Harmon's Grocery Store. They wear "normal people" clothes, and even sometimes walk up and down the aisles with half-filled shopping carts to blend in. You notice, at some stores, they have mirror type panels on the ceilings so they can look down the aisles easier. Check it out next time you're at the store! But seriously, I don't blame you. I would be paranoid about her too. You see too many times on TV when innocent people fall into bad situations. So, be proud that you noticed what could have been a bad situation too. You never know! And now, I'm done rambling on with this comment. Love you!

Erika said...

Ha... that is funny! I wonder what the real story was there.