Saturday, December 25, 2010

Another stamp in my passport

It's hard to believe that just a year ago I got my first passport. The thought of having one was exciting and almost patriotic knowing that it said, "The United States of America" on it. Well, I don't know what it is about leaving the country for a week in December, but I did it again. And it was FUN!

It takes a lot of preparation to leave a family with seven children behind knowing that you'll return just four days before Christmas. I've never had so many lists in my life hanging on my cabinets the couple weeks prior to leaving.

Where did I go? I went with two of my sisters to visit my parents on their mission. They're currently serving a CES mission teaching at the institute in a Latin American country. My sisters and I had the time of our lives being silly sisters and daughters without the worries of taking care of our kids. Let's just say, our husbands are wonderful men to let us leave behind 16 children between us.

What made this trip so much fun?

The tropical paradise that it is.
The beach.

The hike to the waterfall.

Wondering why no one told me it looked like I was using the thigh master!! Hey, I've never done a calendar shoot before.

Attending the temple.

Dancing and in the middle of the song being told, "You have a big body". Thank you.

Fresh yummy produce every day which included the richest and thickest virgin piƱa coladas ever. They could have been dessert themselves.

Being silly. Mine usually came out looking like I was in distress.

Running up another set of "Rocky steps". After putting on a lot of peer pressure, I had some company.

Thinking of my handsome hubby and looking for ways to show him that I loved him thousands of miles away. (Trying to keep you on top of my totem pole honey).

Seeing funny, shocking and interesting things.

Being with my sisters.

Seeing my mom and dad love what they're doing.

I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to go down there. I know that my mom and dad are where they are supposed to be. I believe they are changing lives. I've had a lifetime of wonderful parents so it's easy to share them for a period of time for those that aren't so fortunate.

I'll always be thankful for the memories, the inside jokes, the quality time with my family and the tender mercies I'm granted from my Heavenly Father. I can only say it was a wonderful experience.

I love you mom and dad. Thank you for serving the Lord, setting a good example, and giving me a reason for another stamp in my passport.


Cheri said...

your pictures crack me up!! looks like you had a great time with your family.. it's so nice to come home to the good old USA after being away- don't you agree?

Megan said...

You have such great parents. Thanks for sharing your pictures. You do have a great husband. That trip sounds like SO MUCH fun!

Amy said...

That's just fantastic. Loved all the pictures! Looked like you had an amazing time!