Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas time

Christmas was different this year. I returned home from visiting my parents to a LOT of rain. The girls couldn't resist the thought of wasting an opportunity to play and ran outside in their swimsuits. They had a blast. I laughed my head off watching them. Once the rain cleared out, the kids jumped in the hot tub. Mmmmmm. Love hot water!

A posed as Santa Claus this year and showed up at the house. S was terrified and didn't want anything to do with him. Gotta love seeing B on his lap in a swimsuit. You don't see that everywhere.
Christmas morning was touching. I saw C embrace each member of the family after receiving their gifts. I knew those hugs would need to last two more years until after his mission. Then, A was cute and also hugged people after each gift. Goes to show that miracles never cease and that there are tender mercies all around us. It was a beautiful day despite the messes that covered the floors the entire day. We stayed in our jammies and watched movie after movie.
I went to bed thankful for the day, each of my children, husband, parents, grandparents and my knowledge of the Savior. It was definitely a Merry Christmas.

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Erika said...

How cute of C to hug everyone and how weird to think he'll be on a mission soon! Glad Christmas was so great!