Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eagle Court of Honor

Sunday night was A's Eagle Court of Honor. It was a beautiful night. We were surrounded by many friends, lots of family, past teachers, six other eagle scouts and an Eagle's nest that included close to forty eagles. It was a sight!

I was fine not having many people there to support him that night knowing that it was a weird time of year and a Sunday evening. But, I should have known better. D's family is always so supportive and I was thrilled to see each family member walk through the door to support him. Thank you.
My sister was down with her five kids and that was fun too. Two of A's elementary teachers were there along with other friends that we had invited. It was touching.
Anyway, I was sort of feeling down knowing that my parents weren't going to be there. But it all turned out beautiful and I was grateful for such a loving and supportive family.
You should see my Mother's scout pin necklace. It's as gaudy as can be and I love it!! Makes me smile when I think about how much scouting has done for each of my four older boys. I love the scouting program.
Congratulations A! I'm proud of you. You did it.
BTW...he got his driver's permit the next day. He was thrilled at the thought of Christmas, Eagle and permit in a three day streak.

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aunt jan said...

Congrats A!!!! And those grandparents who couldn't attend are way proud of you. Those Wood Badge feelings travel the miles by land and sea to surround you with hugs and proud tears!