Sunday, January 2, 2011

It really was a happy birthday

Every year I secretly hate my birthday. Let's face it. It's a dumb time of year. It gets lost in between two of the biggest holidays of the year. Even though I get older, I still get excited about my birthday. It's MY day. Or least I have these preconceived I ideas that it should be. But, I'm often disappointed at the kids not remembering my birthday, hearing that they had no money after Christmas to buy me gifts, serving toast for breakfast because they don't know what I like, and the list goes on and on. I woke up this birthday ready to be ticked and disappointed at yet another dumb birthday. kids are growing up. It was such a good day. I woke up to hearing the kids say, "Don't bug mom, she's asleep." Wow, I was going to run with that one. After finally deciding to wake up and face the day, I was greeted with C doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Really? It must have been my birthday!! The kids greeted me with their presents at which they really had taken note the last while and got me things that were really specific for my tastes. I was in shock. A pleasant shock. Next thing I know, G and a cousin are making me a chocolate trifle for my birthday.
For the next couple hours, the kids took care of everything and didn't expect a thing. I think I hugged each kid several times expressing my gratitude. I really felt appreciated!!
After sitting around awhile, I got antsy to hit the road and visit family. So, we gathered things up and headed out. We saw my grandparents and the kids loved the snow. For about seven seconds. We were ill prepared and the weather and snow were FREEZING! So, there were tears that followed holding that white fluffy stuff.
We stayed at my sister's that night. In our hurry we had forgotten my trifle so she and I ran to DQ and got me a cake. I looked like a dog so when the girl asked what we wanted written on the cake, it only seemed fitting to write something about the prettiest sister. Can I just say how much fun it is being a dork with my sisters?
I was grateful for the day. Grateful for my kids. Grateful for our safe trip. Thankful for my sister and her good sportedness about my spontaneity, and 39 glowing candles on my cake. Loving everyone of them.
Now to plan my quarenta-era this year. It's going to be fabulous. Start looking for your dress because we're going to have a ball. Literally.


Megan said...

Happy Birthday, 4 days ago. We usually celebrate with my Dad on his birthday, instead of having a New Year's Eve party. We are actually very lame on NYE, but we have a great party for my Dad's b-day. He definitely knows how you feel.

I can't wait until my kids are a little older. Maybe they will be like your kids.

Erika said...

I'm glad it was so successful! I had a good one too. Kids brought breakfast in bed and some super sweet gifts. Ones I really do like even! Sorry I missed the Eagle!! I was feeling extraordinarily crummy.

Happy Late Birthday and I thought it was super sweet of C to wish me a Happy Bday on FB. Tell him thanks for me!

LeAnne said...

Glad you had a good birthday. Hope mine is great as well