Saturday, December 4, 2010

Like I was saying...

So like I was saying the other day, one of my kids has the tendency not to complain about some things like myself. Well, I cracked up when just the very next day, I saw what he had come up with after not being able to find his earphones. Rather than losing his cool, he came up with a solution.

Earphones aren't really necessary when you can just hook several rubber bands together, wrap them around your head and then tuck your ipod touch underneath just above your ear. Problem solved.

Now that I get thinking about it, it's not just the two of us. I told one of the girls to get some toilet paper for my bathroom the other day. When I went in that night I was greeted by...well. problem solved by a 3 year old girl.

And that 3 year old girl is growing up. I found her a Boo doll at Savers this week to go along with her Sully Monster. She was so excited and demanded a picture. She loves reading her book, "Monsters Inc." knowing that she is Boo.

And just one more old friend stopped by tonight. We were friends in high school and his wife and I have become friends through blogging. You MUST check out her blogs. She's an AMAZING photographer!! Go here and here to check them out. little g thought he was great. He was thrilled when he was given one of his pilot patches.

Okay, this really is the last thing. Towels should NOT feel like loofah sponges on your skin! They should be soft and smell yummy like a bounce dryer sheet. I miss my dryer. But...still going strong! :)

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Amy said...

Hey, that's a pretty good looking friend you have there! Thanks for having him over for dinner! He really enjoyed it. Wish I could have come too...