Sunday, January 16, 2011

The circus came to town

So, D came across some circus tickets some how and we took the three little kids. Oh. My. Word. Can you say cheesy? It's absolutely NOT my personality.

I just sit there curled up so embarrassed for anyone participating. I mean really. The outfits, the weird voices, oh my heck it's so embarrassing!!
Then there are the animals. Ya, they're cool and I guess they do some neat tricks. Like this poor elephant.
Nice view huh? lol
But...did anyone ask them if that's what they wanted to do was join the circus? Animal cruelty I tell you. Not quite as bad as the rodeo though, but close.
D told me that the kids would like it. Sure enough. S liked the horsies, G liked his popcorn and slurpee and B, well, she's a people watcher like her mother. Actually, she did want to ride the elephants. We bought tickets for them to ride the elephants, but towards the end of intermission they made an announcement that we would have to have our elephant rides AFTER the circus. No way Jose!! We were out of there. Couldn't even stand another half of a circus. Got our money back. Took a picture NEXT to the elephants.
And we were out of there ready to never face another circus in our lives. Well, that's what I said as we drove away.
The one cool thing though...after the national anthem, they recognized all veterans in the audience and had them stand. It was awesome. I was teary eyed seeing the men and women in the audience stand without any hesitation. Even my very own D.
So, after all is said and done, I am glad that the circus came to town. They recognized our vets and I'll have that in my mind a long time. Makes me smile. :)

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aunt jan said...

I remember when we took the kids to our one and only circus adventure. Yes, please pass the cheesy sauce. The music was so loud Uncle Steve got a gigantic headache and we hit the road and never looked back. Funny memories.