Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fight with a scooter

Last night I heard this shrill scream from little g outside. I quickly jumped up to yell, "What's going on out there?" Right after that I heard J screaming for me. Not good.
I anxiously ran downstairs to greet him as he ran inside. He had a slice on his upper cheek. He had fallen off his scooter and the handle bar jabbed him just under his eye.
I threw him some Motrin and some frozen peas while I made a couple phone calls trying to decide what to do. D was at work. My doctor friend was still at work. My favorite neighbor wasn't home. My pediatrician said that he couldn't help him and to take him to the E.R. I remembered my neighbor that's a nurse and ran down the street. He came by to see if he thought little g needed stitches. He agreed that he did so we were off.
Four hours and five stitches later we returned home. He did a great job and really didn't even complain while waiting. He talked to the nurse while getting stitched up.
He's staying home from school today due to the late night. We can hang together today. Just me and my brave boy that got in a fight with a scooter.


NelsonFamily said...

AWW what a cute little hero. That's an awesome place for a scar. My Garret has one there and he looks pretty tough.

Erika said...

Yikes. That's a nasty gash!!

Cheryl said...

So....who won?