Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How WE do cake pops

Several months or perhaps over a year ago, Cake Pops were all the rage. They were showing up on blogs everywhere. I got to wondering, "What kind of a mom am I having never made them, let alone a blog without a post on Cake Pops?"

Well, I made them for FHE last night thinking I was making quite the treat. Thing is...they make a cheap cake more expensive and why, WHY in the world would I kill myself on making them cutsie for a bunch of boys?

So, I didn't. They were yellow cake with buttercream frosting dipped in vanilla chocolate chips until A saw them and wondered where the peanut butter was. So, the other ones took a bath in peanut butter and MILK chocolate chips. Then they were neatly thrown onto a cookie sheet and forced into the fridge.

After dinner, which was a total bomb, each kid took a bite while I stood there watching with anticipation of being a "cool mom" after each child was sure to go on and on about how amazing they were.

Let's just say I'm glad I didn't buy the sucker sticks, wrap them individually tying them off with cute ribbon and spending hours decorating them.

Ya, the entire tray still takes up a large spot in the refrigerator. Well, all except for the two or three the girls decorated themselves this afternoon.

FYI: Cold set up chocolate and sprinkles do NOT adhere to each other! Let me make myself clear. The sprinkles rebound off the cold chocolate faster than you can say, "go".

I was outside practicing aperature when I decided to check on the girls and found them like this.

Cake Pops. Been there. Done that.

As for the sprinkles that I'll be finding for weeks. I'm grateful. I was blessed today seeing my two little girls who happen to be bffs "cook" together. I mean really. Chugging sprinkles, the lone sprinkle that's stuck in a nostril, watching the sprinkles bounce, eating off the chocolate, and giggling together. Priceless. Thank you Bakerella.


Angelie Karen said...

I love those 2 little girls! [& the 5 boys :)] cute post!

aunt jan said...

I made a Valentines envelope dealy to hang in the kitchen where we could write cute notes to each for the next few weeks. My husband took one look at it... and I said, "Yeah, I know you guys won't get off on this. I've lived with boys long enough to never be disappointed when absolutely no interest is shown in this kind of stuff." But you just got to keep trying anyway. :)

Erika said...

Haha, never done the cake pop thing either. We've eaten them as lucky recipients...but never made them. I love the sprinkle in the nose! And yay for a new camera. How exciting!!