Friday, January 21, 2011

Living in a blurr

I got a nice camera a few years ago but I wasn't ever really impressed with it. It was like something wasn't quite right with it. But not knowing much in the picture department, I kept taking pictures. Over the last few months the pictures have progressively gotten worse. Come on, don't say you haven't noticed!! I look at the pictures and we live in a blurr. Nothing is clear or with the right light. It's just been down right annoying.
D gave me some money for Christmas. I thought and thought. I almost bought a new leather sectional with the money thinking our couches weren't exactly what I wanted. Walked right out on the salesman after he didn't give me the price he had told me. I was surprised at the fact that I wasn't terribly disappointed. Actually, I was like, "Yes!" I am going to get a better camera. One that I couldn't justify getting with family money. But it was my Christmas money so I was going to get something neat and extra special just for me. :)
I found the one that I wanted on line and waited over an entire week. Until today.
I ran down the stairs screaming this afternoon as I heard the U.P.S. truck drive into the cul-de-sac. I found myself peeking out the blinds like a little kid. I had to force myself not to greet the guy as he rang my doorbell. About five seconds after he left, I non chilantly opened the door and acted surprised.
I don't have a clue how to do anything on it. It's got a quadzillion buttons, a couple zoom lenses, a tripod, and some other neat things. Oh I am just giddy.
So, I tried it out. Can I just say that I am a believer! It makes all the difference in the world. I have a ton to learn. I was convinced that I'd never have a descent picture in my house due to solar screens, tinted windows and colored lamp shades.
But....I feel like I just put on a pair of glasses after being blind for years. It's amazing what you can see. I didn't realize that G had so many freckles. I'm not sure I want pictures of myself though. I've gotten quite used to blurry pictures of myself and the years that it hides.
Not so sure my kids are going to like this. Those of you that know what you're doing, do your kids run and hide?
These pictures made me smile and reiterated the fact that I made the right choice. We're done living in a blurr!


Angelie Karen said...

The pictures look good, T! Love the one of S & D :) cute cute!

Amy said...

YAY!! You are going to just LOVE it!! Can't wait to come spend a weekend and show you what all those dials mean!!

The Payne Family said...

Nice job! Can't wait to learn with you :)

aunt jan said...

So much more fun than a sofa!!!

LeAnne said...

S looks just like D! That is so cute!