Sunday, February 13, 2011

Boredom turns into...

What do your kids do when they're bored?

Today, my kids dug out one of the fire escape ladders, knocked out a solar screen and scaled the house. Ya, I was pretty much terrified. A asked me why I'm afraid of everything!! I don't know. I just am. But you would have too. They were giddy as they were hanging out the window trying to decide how in the world they'd take the first step. A reassured me that he's never fallen in his life. He is the climber in the family. I had to walk away until I knew they were on their way down.

I mean the conversations were crazy. A got to the point that he was asking if he could repel down the house, walk on the roof, repel from the balcony. He just needed a rope.
I've got my eye on that kid. Or rather his window. The ladder. Ropes. And I'll be listening for any mischievious laughs going on upstairs.
Despite the fear of it all, it really was fun hearing them have so much fun together.

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Erika said...

B would LOVE that! She would die!! Funny kids.