Saturday, February 12, 2011

Walk towards the rock

We needed a change of scenery this morning so we headed out. The kids enjoyed climbing on the rocks and having a picnic, complete with a picnic blanket. I felt like such a good mom even though the day came with a lot of requests to "turn around", "smile", "hold still", "stop it", "get back here", and "let me take your pictures". This is what I deal with. he he

We weren't exactly prepared to hike. S is about the pinkest little girl out there. Which I love!! Can you see my smile as you read this? Anyway, brand new pink patent ballerina shoes aren't the best shoes to wear hiking. Or her dress. Or my flip flops. But the girls hair sure was cute. They looked like little Valentine presents.

We'll go back. Next time we'll eat and we'll drink. We'll climb and we'll hike. Today was a picnic and a walk towards the rock.

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LeAnne said...

That picture is so adorable! Ya