Saturday, February 12, 2011

He says I'm gorgeous

He'll be across the room and then say, "Hi gorgeous" as serious as can be. I look up and smile at my cute 5 year old little g. Wish I could bottle him up and keep him this way forever.

Wednesday I asked little g if he wanted to go to the school's Mom and Son dance. With his cute little lisp he said, "Yeth". He was thrilled at the thought of just me and him.

Thursday as I was making dinner he came in and said, "Mom, all those kids at the dance are going to say that mom is gorgeous. Then they'll wish you were their mom." Oh my heck. He is so dang cute!!

We walked into the dance last night hand in hand and before I could ever set my purse down we were out on the dance floor. Within seconds of arriving my eyes were welling up. I was so happy. I was having one of those true moments of joy. Just after that he dropped my hands, fell to the floor and started to break dance. It was awesome! :)
A couple songs later as we were slow dancing he dropped my hands again and blew me a kiss. Seriously. I need a bottle right now!! I was practically a puddle on the floor at that point.

After awhile it began to turn into a mosh pit with boys jumping, wrestling, and chasing. Boys will be boys.

I'll always be grateful for my date with little g, the boy that says I'm gorgeous. Especially when my bangs are braided back, my hair is in a ponytail and my head is on a weird angle with a jaw that's twice the size of my forehead. Just sayin'. :)


Angelie Karen said...

o my word! he is just too cute :) love that kid! and the other 6, as a matter of fact ;)

Erika said...

Oh that is super sweet! I love moments like those.

The Payne Family said...

I remember from the first time I met him, his little personality sucked me in. He is such a cutie.

LeAnne said...

I hope to have a kid like that. Wow!