Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Turning the page

What a fun day I had today. A birthday lunch with one friend and a birthday dinner for another. It was a rough life indeed. :)

Have you ever really felt the power of others praying for you? I have. All week. Every time I turn around there's more evidence of a loving Father in Heaven that wants me to succeed and be happy. For lunch I took a friend out for her birthday. It was after we had talked for over two hours that we realized we had become friends during that time.
She shared different experiences that she's had the last three years. She then said that just this past September she decided to "turn the page" and move on. My desperate ears heard those words and knew that once again Heavenly Father was aware of the secret pleadings of my heart and prayers of my parents. Just a couple hours prior to that I had made a decision that I no longer wanted to think or speak about the feelings and emotions I've had the last week. Good riddens. Bye bye. Hasta la vista baby!
I left excited for the day and looked forward to returning home a new me. The old me. Page turned. Once again, another friend, heaven sent.
I spent this evening with a bunch of girlfriends. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Oh I do love feeling like me again. There I am! That's me! The real me! Oh I do love my hugemungous laugh/smile! Makes me happy.
Now I'm off to give D a backrub for being so cute to me today. It's only fair after spending his day off watching the kids all day. Have I said that I love that man?

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