Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Grandpa and Grandma

I had the itch to run "home" and take pictures of my grandpa and grandma. They are WITHOUT question thE most in love couple of all time! Did I make myself clear? They really are, and they are so stinkin' cute I can hardly stand it.

They were smiling and giggling the entire time. I mean you can just see how much they love each other when they look at each other. I can't imagine them any cuter 69 years ago. Yes, they've been married 69 years. How's that for amazing?!

I love this picture because it looks like my grandpa is getting his first kiss who knows how long ago. And shocked that he's getting one with such a cute girl. Which I think my grandma is. :)

It was good for me. The drive all by myself, the spontaneity of my sister who I invited along, and the cutest grandparents ever.

I love you grandpa and grandma. You're the best examples ever especially for the month of love.


The Payne Family said...

EXCELLENT job! Please come and teach me now :)

Beth said...

So, so cute! Love the pictures!

Angelie Karen said...

you are loving that new camera, aren't you?! these are so cute :) sounds fun!

Lori said...

These are wonderful pictures of grandma and grandpa. They are really so cute I love watching them together!!

Erika said...

Very sweet! I just recently took pictures of an older couple too, and was blown away by how fun and sweet they were together.

NelsonFamily said...

Beautiful pictures Tonia!!