Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where the wild things are

I was taking pictures the other day and a rat, possibly a pika, ran out from a tunnel. I did not scream. No, not me. I just squealed and jumped around hysterically. That's all.

Then, THEN, I took my kids up the canyon to go sledding. As we were driving up I saw an eagle on the side of the road. I quickly pointed it out to my kids. They then asked, "Mom, where's your camera?" That's when I tried so calmly yet slightly haphazardly found a place to turn around and head back down the canyon. I gave A permission to "touch" my camera and to take some pictures as we were driving by. He tried. Well, had to continue down the canyon until I could quickly yank my suburban around to make another go of a dream come true picture. I taught A how to zoom as I was driving. We parked in the road telling the little kids to tell me when car was coming. I looked over and the zoom didn't seem to be out far enought, so I practically ripped my camera off of A's neck and zoomed in to see the beautiful Golden Eagle. Awe. What do some of you do? {sigh} Ya, that's exactly what I did then and I'm doing it again now. Isn't it awesome? Look at his eyes, his beak and his claws. Are those called claws? Anyway, I just love the confidence and power that I think exudes from such beautiful animals. That says a LOT coming from someone that wouldn't pay a dime for dog food or even touch one.
As C and I were taking pictures last night we heard a coyote choir over the hill. We both darted up through the bushes and watched two coyotes out with each other. Kind of fun.

So, there you go. I left my cul-de-sac and found where the wild things are.

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Erika said...

Ooh cool stuff! The eagle shot is awesome! I especially enjoyed imagining you trying to get the picture. Too funny...